MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC


I would like to pin you down on this last sentence. Was this just thinking out loud or is there actual plans to have test safecoin in alpha 4


let mel help you with a link :slight_smile:

i stumbled across the same thing and when he said it a second time over there i asked to be sure :innocent:


Beaten in asking :astonished:

So we have gone from a straight statement of intent to maybe.



isn’t that straight statement? farming wouldn’t be farming without test safeceoin …? (otherwise it would be just storing nodes from home …)


Do your farm your household garden for money or just for the produce? Of course you can farm without being rewarded for it other than personal satisfaction and the food (data) it produces.

And you left off the important part “So not officially safecoin just yet


hmmm - okay - didn’t interpret it like that :open_mouth:

hmhmm - but that really wouldn’t make sense … since live-network upgrades will probably come later i wouldn’t see how an alpha version could include ‘real safecoin’ …? Oo …


He could not be referring to real safecoin anyhow. Real safecoin only comes after the network has been declared live and well. So it does not make sense to read David’s statement referring to real safecoin but it has to be test safecoin. Context is our friend :wink: Until we are talking of Live and well network all references to safecoin have to be test safecoin. Just gets tedious including the “test” every time.


It would be great to get a visual demonstration of what PARSEC actually does.

Anyone know of any resources?

Sounds like an awesome innovation, just having a hard time understanding the technicalities and benefits.


There’s a video coming. I’d expect to see it released in the weekly update this week.


Thanks can’t wait! @drehb


There is indeed a video coming. There is also an illustration that will be added to the RFC soon.


I am hoping we will have test-safecoin in alpha 4. The reason being, we will need a limiting factor for spammers so farming makes sense. However, e are unlikely to have settled the balancing algorithm by then with the new data formats. So it would be nice to test those out in some testnets/upgrades. So it makes sense the vaults farm for something and it may as well be test-safecoin. We will probably call them something very different in case scammers start trying to con people with them, but we will see.

Likely without that people could run their own vault networks in private with no test-safecoin though. IT just would not work in a public network without that or the vaults only allowing vault owners to store what their vault has stored (an old design).


We could have bets on whether testsafecoin is in alpha 4 or not :wink:


I’m glad we’re all just excited that there will probably be some test coin implemented :wink:

Who cares about the balancing algorithm that’s powering coin distribution in an alpha network …?! The cool point would be to demonstrate farming and showcasing the properties of the resulting coin…?!!

… In this early Tests I’d even make sure people would get a coin every 10 minutes with a super stupid algorithm! If you do this people can see the process without having to wait for enough GETs to have a chance for getting the coin they need to store stuff… More ‘understanding by doing’ in a fast forward mode for farming… More people seeing the implications… More enthusiasm =)

… It’s not like the first coin test need to be running in a perfectly realistic environment…


Irvines, Troonies, Lamberts, Vivs, Pentlands…

I wouldn’t go for anything less than this. Just loose all humbleness for a few minutes when making this up :grin:.


Nice! :v: :sunglasses:

But seriously. Why not just call them TESTCOINS. Simple and to the point.


safecoin could have an optional ‘name’ and ‘symbol’ field where people could put in the name they want to be written on the coin and a link to a small png on safe which represents the coin (so every farmer could have his limited edition print of safecoin)

i would like to be able to ‘see’ the coin i have in my purse xD
(i know this doesn’t really make a lot sense and is kind of a waste of storage space :smiley: but still i would love to see it and how different they are)


Do you mean something like this? :slight_smile:


exactly! …


How about farmers receive puts instead of getting test Safecoin? @dirvine