MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC


This is great news, decentralization is important.


Yes, more eyes on the code and more to help improve the code. This is a major benefit of others using your opensource code

    1. MaidSafe is just getting to the point of being able to demonstrate bare results in a way that is perceivable broadly, because the tech is ripening and becoming whole, which is necessary when all parts have to be in place before emergent properties start to manifest.
    1. MaidSafe has barely even tried to market as yet. It hasn’t been appropriate to do more than inform and reach those who could catch the vision more easily, and who could understand that it takes as long as it takes to get the results being reached for. I’d say, “Be ready soon to start having your hair blown back.”


Some don’t seem to understand that if no significant flaws are found in the PARSEC algorithm, MS has just set the digital world free!!! Audit, audit, audit! Let’s go baby. Who’s ready!? Where’s the sledgehammers?


Maybe I am paranoid, but I am just fine with little exposure. I am not concerned about valuation, but I am concerned about seeing SAFE Network made.


According to @pierrechevalier83 in the latest SAFE Crossroads episode, “This was the last unknown until Alpha 3. Now we’ve got only known quantities.”

At 45:45

Great interview, btw, Pierre—thanks for taking the time to explain Parsec!


Philosoraptor - Parsec Does that mean beta is further away or we're going to get there fast?


I just got around to reading some more of the PARSEC article on Medium. I suggest anyone with a short attention span like myself to go back to it if you have forgotten. If you’re trying to decide whether to link people to this forum or the article—just know that the article is the thing to link. it’s looking to be a very important piece for whoever to look at, even if the audience for whom it’s written isn’t the same caliber of audience written toward by much more mainstream publishers. Don’t be afraid of maximum claps, either! (It’s 50.) The more the merrier / the more broadly seen.


Hello Irwine or Maidsafe team. Congratulations with the great progress. However I would like to see MAIDSAFECOIN getting listed on decent exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex, Okex or Huobi for example. This is the best way to gain liquidity and show that The MAIDSAFECOIN is a strong one. Please take this into account, because it is something important. I’m not so happy with the current exchanges to be honest, and I’m sure there are a lot of people who think the same.

Best of luck wished to the MAIDSAFETEAM# and supporters!


Flood steemit with it. There needs to be an intellectual battle with Larimer’s crew, specifically EOS…but also with the rest of his CentralIzed FrAnkenstein projects.


You should complain to the exchanges. They are the gatekeepers.


Troy from Nano said:

They specifically mention that they will be reaching out to us about how this can help improve our protocol and we look forward to having that discussion.


That’s awesome! I love open minded people. I’ll have to look into nano and hope that the outreach or collaboration benefits everyone.


Hi - Rather than listing out everyone’s emails, we’ve just listed the format to use so people can be contacted. :slight_smile:


Usually it’s champagne that’s opened at announcements like this…

Not in Scotland, how about some Scottish Champagne!


Look at that. Even the yeast is happy! They can’t contain themselves! :crazy_face: :rofl: #Awesome :v: :grin:


This is why I’ve been holding all these years mates. So proud of you guys I’ve been crazy busy with life but I’ve still been lurking.

The moon landing was a small step for man, maid safe is a giant leap for mankind.


I wouldn’t worry about that too much. Some of us have the luxury to choose between the regular unsafe,surveillance internet and SAFE. Majority of the worlds population using internet don’t. They face prison, torture, social stigma, state violence in all kinds of forms in exchange for expressing themselfes. For them SAFE isn’t a matter of choice, it’s a matter of survival.

Ease of use, UI/UX, cool hype, all that stuff is irrelevant. Being able to have freedom of speech is the main motivator. So expect a couple of million, at a minimum, rushing to the network once the word spreads globally.

If there is one thing no tyrannic force has ever been able to beat out of humanity, it’s the insatiable need for freedom.:slight_smile:


Thanks for the heads up, I’ve added a comment. Was trying to keep it objective, without looking too much like a fanboy, but my last statement kinda ruined that :smile:


Agreed. To everyone who laughed at me at crypto conferences and the such for supporting Maidsafe, came at me on social media or scoffed when I said Silicon Valley was copying Maidsafe and not the other way around, all I have to say is: who’s laughing now?