MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC

I seldom find good enough words for situations like this.

One thing that struck me when reading the whitepaper when it was published, is how fast this part was done. (I was thinking the same with Peruse. One day the move was suggested, and not long after it was all there…!)

Now, I’m sure a lot of work is based on previous work, and a lot of MaidSafe people were probably deep into the thinking already before. But still, from announcing that you were focusing on Routing, to this. That.Went.Super.Fast.

I am so deeply impressed by your accomplishment.

One more little thing, PARSEC is a hell of a cool name. Just epic.


The moment you realize PARSEC is a better spelled anagram of CASPER.



Oh jeeze, that’s good lol :laughing:


That made my day, week, possibly my month!!!
It was a great name, now it’s priceless.



A response I got on YouTube in regards to an open source alternative to Hashgraph.

“I already researched PARSEC, part of their algo they are using the gossip about gossip protocol, which they call something else. In essence, they are in violation of Swirlds Patent. If you want to follow a project that is breaking the law, be my guest.”

What y’all think? :thinking: I have my doubts to say the least so I asked which section of the whitepaper was in violation to get specifics. Not exactly sure what to respond with though. Gossip isn’t patented but apparently gossiping about gossip is by Hashgraph. Any ideas what he might be referencing?

Let me guess, supremax67. That guy is scanning 24/7 the word Hashgraph on Youtube and responses on every comment on it. The funny thing is, as soon PARSEC is mentioned, he puts more energy in responding than if other projects are mentioned. So he is getting nervous :sweat_smile:


@nevel It was supermax67! Lolol


Gossip is not a word mentioned anywhere in swirlds patent. Gossip also not patentable, also hashgraph do not do ABA → full consensus and have no coin implemented or discussed in their patent. Apart from that they are both algorithms :scream_cat: :smiley:


See also the comments in @TylerAbeoJordan 's channel


Yes, but he is really referring to the ‘gossip about gossip’ thing. So not gossip itself. So probably he means the idea of sending all your gossips back instead of 1. (I hope you understand what I mean, I’m no expert on this).
So he thinks that this idea is part of the patent or so.


I think he thinks anything is :smiley:

The gossip about gossip is clever as a marketing term but also how to build a DAG. It is a method of using gossip to sample network-wide aggregates which is a well known (i.e. not novel) thing. It is not covered in the patent at all, probably as it is not patentable. In any case, these are very different algorithms regardless how many gossips they have :smiley:


well xD when i look at some swirlds paper i get an idea why he might get slighly annoyed when seeing the explanation of parsec


why did you choose the same names for your example? xD

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Alice Bob Carol are pretty common names in crypto. Dave is sometimes called Dave and sometimes David. Ed, we actually call Eric :slight_smile: Anyway, naming conventions are really unrelated to patents :smiley:


okay - granted xD :smiley:

And lightening use Erin Lightning Network - Coin Center :smiley: There was a proposal to change some of these names a while back in some crypto paper. I cannot find it right now – ah here is a reference 'Replace crypto-couple Alice and Bob with Sita and Rama' • The Register


:smiley: i’m glad you didn’t change anything! would have been a shame if i never learned that this is how things are meant to be :wink:


Yes, keep Bob! It always reminds me of:


Bean the show was the best. Rowan Adkinson is a fav.


You know you have something good when the “opposition” target you with all sorts of negativity. If they ignored you then they don’t think you have anything significant.


Wonderful job! Really looking forward to onboard the network.

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