MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC


And beta would include upgradability and network restarts?


Excellent work team.


Great news! Great work!

Maidsafe team, thanks for the humbleness, the hard work and persistence!

I really like the “We only shout from the rooftops when we got something spectacular” mentality.

The marketing team staying humble is a joy!


Will there be any change to resource proof compared to the last tests? I think last time it took like 10 mins. before you could join as a Vault. It wouldn’t probably be a bad idea to make that a bit harder, like your PC working for like 30 mins. before you can join as a Vault in Alpha 3 and 4. Would be great if everyone could connect without any forum connection etc.


Ageing means that you’ll take longer. Baby nodes are not given data to store. and they have to work their way up. At least that is my understanding from what has been said prior.


We don’t anticipate forum participation for alpha 3 or 4 as we did with 2. Resource proof is still good though as vaults that would only cause network traffic by microjoining (for a second or 2) are put off as well as nodes that just could not cope as vaults. We will close in on details of those very soon, we have just been a wee bit busy in the last few months :smiley: :smiley:

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Oh, interesting! I figured alpha 3 would be similar to alpha 2. That will be great for new users!


With forum participation, you mean the invite system, to prevent clients to put too much data on the network?
You anticipate to have another mechanism in place to prevent that?


Yes I would have thought that there is no method to prevent data spamming and account spamming

Hope you had a good mop there :joy:


The network without protection survived for 2 or 3 days through the attack - if the path to test safecoin would be short enough one could increase the size of the network in the meanwhile and you wouldn’t need protection mechanisms like that :innocent:


Maybe it will be test SafeCoin, that you have to farm, instead of reading on the forum? hope


Hmm but isn’t PARSEC only applicable to SAFE? Not nano or IOTA or anything else, because they don’t have node ageing etc to secure it enough so it can work?

Or do those projects have other things Instead, to fill in that gap? Else it seems that other projects with less of these security measures couldn’t be safe enough to use something like PARSEC

Security of PARSEC outside of SAFE integration

IOTA has some PoW… Something like you need to confirm some transactions to make a transaction


Right I heard every participant in IOTA confirms their own transactions like their own mini-node, which is how there’s no transaction fees

But that still doesn’t solve what needs to be solved to allow PARSEC to work in its network


No forum participation would open the road to full beta type apps for the public!

App store users don’t need to know an app is running of “alpha 3/4” do they?


In my understanding both resource proof and ageing will be used. They are complementary:

  • resource proof to filter out useless inefficient vaults as soon as possible

  • ageing to avoid section targeting.


I just had someone from a Fintech Malaysia FB group try to have a go at me for posting about PARSEC there. HE said whoever wrote the article did not understand Blockchain. So i directed him to the forum to get more clarification. And i still get people who keep telling me to ditch Maidsafe etc…

But i do have a close circle who believe in the project. Now it is a matter of who laughs at the end. I get the feeling i am going to have the last laugh :slight_smile:


Before you read this, i just want to be clear i am venting…

So i share PARSEC with the head of innovation in the Company. He gets all defensive and replies…

“that’s definitely an interesting project. It is important that we consider innovation projects based on timelines and impact, and that we create a balanced portfolio between (i) core, (ii) adjacent and (iii) transformational innovations. But most importantly we really need to set some strategic goals and craft an innovation thesis that will help to assess projects.”

They do not have to find a project or work with it today. But definitely understand what is available in the world and what changes are coming or may come. Driving innovation is being open to ideas. I guess this is why Nokia did not survive. They could not appreciate the technology even when it stared them in the face. Cant wait for Safenetwork to launch :angry:


When you don’t understand something and are too intellectually lazy to learn, or are too invested in something else it is frustrating that people become dismissive. Sounds like you did the right thing. We should continue to challenge assumptions, keep calm and continue to point sceptics toward the correct information and we’ll create advocates.


People sometimes forget that learning doesn’t stop at school. Especially tech folks should/must constantly keep themselves updated either by doing research or literature review. That’s how society progress. I feel sorry for people who not wanting to learn more. The world will move past them.