MaidSafe Dev Update - May 24, 2018 - Introducing PARSEC


But with an alfa3, you really can start working :wink:


Sorry, I meant, have other systems use Maidsafe to use PARSEC consensus mechanism. That will increase demand for MAIDSAFE while keeping it open source.


Sorry, I meant, have other systems use Maidsafe coins to use PARSEC consensus mechanism. That will increase demand for MAIDSAFE/safecoin while keeping it open source.


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Next stop Alpha 3!!!


I was in a discussion with someone on Reddit, asking them about how PARSEC would affect the work on Vaults, and they wrote:

I’m not a dev either, but vaults themselves have worked in the past - I think the biggest challenge was them falling out of consensus with each other when groups were under strain.
Parsec should enable the vaults to achieve consensus within their groups in an elegant and dependable manner.
So PARSEC enables the consensus required for vaults to work together to effectively manage the data their group is responsible for.
At least that’s how I see it from my limited knowledge :slight_smile:

Can anyone confirm/contest/elaborate on? Thanks!

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

The vault issue we had was zero cost to flood the network and kill it. The consensus was actually retained while not under attack like that. When the network did collapse (we took it down) then it did lose consensus, but it would in those circumstances. With no data (or very little) though we imagine that even those attacks would not be fast enough to kill a routing only network (alpha 3) as a bit problem is when there are nodes with lots of data, then copying the data around while the network gets much smaller fast means the vaults lose time to sync and data gets lost.

So PARSEC means we go faster and more securely, node age makes attacks harder, safecoin should make them too expensive, sort of in that order.

tl;dr Not so much a consensus issue, but PARSEC helps as it will be much faster, node age, crust fixed means alpha 3 should be fine. Then vaults with test safecoin should secure the whole thing (alpha 4).

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

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And beta would include upgradability and network restarts?


Excellent work team.


Great news! Great work!

Maidsafe team, thanks for the humbleness, the hard work and persistence!

I really like the “We only shout from the rooftops when we got something spectacular” mentality.

The marketing team staying humble is a joy!


Will there be any change to resource proof compared to the last tests? I think last time it took like 10 mins. before you could join as a Vault. It wouldn’t probably be a bad idea to make that a bit harder, like your PC working for like 30 mins. before you can join as a Vault in Alpha 3 and 4. Would be great if everyone could connect without any forum connection etc.


Ageing means that you’ll take longer. Baby nodes are not given data to store. and they have to work their way up. At least that is my understanding from what has been said prior.


We don’t anticipate forum participation for alpha 3 or 4 as we did with 2. Resource proof is still good though as vaults that would only cause network traffic by microjoining (for a second or 2) are put off as well as nodes that just could not cope as vaults. We will close in on details of those very soon, we have just been a wee bit busy in the last few months :smiley: :smiley:

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Oh, interesting! I figured alpha 3 would be similar to alpha 2. That will be great for new users!


With forum participation, you mean the invite system, to prevent clients to put too much data on the network?
You anticipate to have another mechanism in place to prevent that?


Yes I would have thought that there is no method to prevent data spamming and account spamming

Hope you had a good mop there :joy:


The network without protection survived for 2 or 3 days through the attack - if the path to test safecoin would be short enough one could increase the size of the network in the meanwhile and you wouldn’t need protection mechanisms like that :innocent:


Maybe it will be test SafeCoin, that you have to farm, instead of reading on the forum? hope


Hmm but isn’t PARSEC only applicable to SAFE? Not nano or IOTA or anything else, because they don’t have node ageing etc to secure it enough so it can work?

Or do those projects have other things Instead, to fill in that gap? Else it seems that other projects with less of these security measures couldn’t be safe enough to use something like PARSEC

Security of PARSEC outside of SAFE integration