MaidSafe Dev Update - May 18, 2017


Oh this is loads of fun. Usually solved in the past by cheapest solution of precisely synchronised clocks and having a time stamp on each message. This timing & reconstruction problem is not unique to computer networks but has been seen in various forms in a number of systems.

Your first question should be

Is it even possible to know the precise order of events and/or is it sufficient to use the majority view of the sequence. Of course there maybe no useful majority view since a sequence of 5 events could be viewed more ways then are nodes in a group in a worse case situation.

As to events and states question, as you already know the question is really what do you want to know. if you know what you want to know then working backwards you will be able to work out what you need to know in order to finally get what you need to know.

It always sounds easier than what it is and you need an open mind at all times since preconceived views always clouds the issue and can unfortunately lead to many wasted and passionate discussions.


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Thank you everyone.

I’m deeply honored to be brought on to work with the Maidsafe team and to continue to help serve this community in a more full-time capacity.

I don’t think anyone else knows how perfect this opportunity is and how much of a dream come true this is for me.

Thank you.
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Hear hear, I was able to use the Mock Routing Pack last night here in our Melbourne meetup. It’s been the first time I’ve been able to demonstrate the client apps and it was great. Particular thanks to
whiteoutmashups and friends for this contribution.




Are you not essentially asking about the Theory of Relativitity here - or is it just me? :smile:
I’m not technical as you know, so may be way off here - but are you not just asking how the sequence of events within the Safe Universe can be established from the information gathered from the various individual observers/nodes perspectives? If so, then this wouldn’t appear to be physically possible due to the relativity of time - would it?.
My thoughts would probably be around things like that just as in our Universe, particles/nodes have a location in Space and Time, then so should Safe Universe have 2 sets of coordinates. the 1st is in XOR Space and the 2nd needs to be in Time (or some alternative.incremental/sequential something, which I think is what you may be asking about?).
Would I be anywhere near the mark to guess that this has something to do with node aging? I’m just thinking that this would be a way to achieve your goals by “measuring time” in order to sequence events. This would be analogous to using a sort of atomic clock, replacing atomic decay with node aging?
Lol…its just dawning on me…is this something everyone else already knew and fully grasps and its just me who is being a bit slow? :smile:


Very awesome, glad it worked out for you, which apps did you end up showing?

This was the key :slight_smile: namely, @JPL , @mav & @maxweng :smiley:


You have some interesting ideas but always good to keep monetary costs down. Anything that can be done very cheap / free on the community side is best I think! At least until the Network is much bigger / farther along.

Perhaps you could get a Rust group to post some info about SAFE on their pages in exchange for giving a guest-speech about the tech? Just an idea, then there’s no bill

And congratulations @hunterlester I believed in you before it was cool :stuck_out_tongue: haha. But really, always impressed me with your knowledge of the Network and passion for it. Great job man, :v: see you soon!


Just the desktop client apps, Launcher, Demo and Safe Browser. It was a good start.

Thanks again.


Is anyone observing the methods being developed by rchain, and how they are using rho calculus and name spaces? I listen in on the casper standup and rchain hangouts to get a feel for their progress and it seems that there is some kind of inevitable symbiosis between their work and Maidsafe’s.
As always the updates are really cool to see.


Congrats @hunterlester! Great update as always. Keep coding. The world needs this.


Another great update, thanks @maidsafe !

And congrats to @hunterlester :thumbsup: :confetti_ball: :cake:


Thanks @BIGbtc. I think we need to give some thought to location. It is difficult for us to manage the time difference specifically with the guys working on the network working so closely together atm and on daily catchups. So an initial focus may be best working East from the UK.


Aww, I’m very pleased for you Hunter. Well done too, you’ve shown you deserve the opportunity.

I’m really enjoying watching members of this community get stuck into the testnets, build stuff, help each other out, and then become part of the core team. It shows the strength of the project through its ability to attract such a community of helpers and enthusiasts, including right to its very heart.


Just a curiosity, what is the priority of working safecoin? This will be the best crypto available when it goes live


Here’s the roadmap @waynenilsen. The Future Roadmap box gives the priorities after Alpha 3 as:

  • Data Chains, Part 2.
  • Data republish and network restarts.
  • A security audit of the network.
  • Test safecoin.
  • Real-time network upgrades.
  • Network validated upgrades.

Full safecoin will be sometime after these features have been implemented and tested.


Great job, keep it going like that.


Got it. thanks for that. Need ways to help with this challenge you face. The need for/lack of available Rust developers seems to have you somewhat hamstrung. Lets see what rabbits can come out of those hats. Question: Is there a video of @ustulation presentation in London, and if not, is there any “recent” video intro that Rust devs would find helpful that we can build a meetup around?


It’s posted here @BIGbtc: SAFE Network Presentation at Rust London Meetup


Awesome thanks !..


This points to a issue fix, could someone help me find a link to the DOM API itself / docs instead please?

Just wondering if this has been started publicly yet, on Github etc

Thanks all


And thus it will be really good beer…

You can see this brewery from the Maidsafe offices*

  • conditions apply - Applicants must be over 5m in height and have the ability to see through walls and other buildings