MaidSafe Dev Update - May 10, 2018

Well said! There is supposed to be give and take in the open source space and it is great to see maidsafe taking the initiative on this.

People should remember that permissive licenses leads to greater usage of a library. This in itself will help to improve the quality of the library while simultaneously spreading the work of the team that produced it. If SAFENetwork is to be considered truly open, this is exactly the sort of open arms approach that is needed.


If a project’s source code ends up being closed, how does the testing benefit Maidsafe or anyone else for that matter? If your goal is to have the code tested, used and verified by the widest audience possible shouldn’t it stay open source so that it can be verified and the improvements can be made available to all that use it?

Furthermore you may not care a jot about whether these core libraries or such tech is made private but I certainly do since I’ve observed what the implications of code and technology can actually be. Remember the internet itself isn’t all that old. Corporations like Facebook and Google aren’t even a decade old and look at how vastly influential they are. When the internet was being formed it very well could have gone private instead of becoming open and decentralized and even now there is a lot of talk about privatizing the internet. So yes I care about the implications of internet liscencing especially when it comes to developing revolutionary new internet tech that could change the course of history for the next couple decades!

It benefits nobody and I believe is practically useless. It’s not a waste of our time, who cares? If other open source folks use it and improve it then brilliant, we have a better utility library.

I categorically did not state that, instead I clearly said …

Furthermore … Sounds like a lecture to me :wink: Options are great, debates to, but lectures are for some other place