MaidSafe Dev Update - March 30, 2017

Dive in then, every minute wasted means devs are prevented from getting on with doing dev stuffs.


We can’t create invitation codes without approval

I think it’s not a bad idea though. Each code gets you 100 PUTs or so could be fair


Thanks maidsafe team for another great update.

Yippy we got our first attacker, hopefully we’ll have more and it’s a sign that we’re on the right path.
First they attack you, then you change code and soon everybody is on the SAFE Network. :kissing_heart:


I like the simple fix in order to prove out alpha 2 first and then make additional changes later. From previous Tests, its become clear that we’re close to proving alpha 2. At this stage, rather than make huge drastic changes, invitation only testing makes sense to run test 16. Looking forward to it!! Thanks Everyone!


Thanks for the directions…lol. Now we’re inching another step closer to launch, we’ll have to start arranging some kind of launch party I reckon. I’ll be spearheading the English invasion of Troon btw… :smile:
If there’s no room left at the Troon Hilton, then I’m sure I recall @dirvine saying all sassenachs are welcome to crash round at his pad… :smile:


A few posts that were really off-topic have been deleted because I had no-where to move them because of the nature of the posts.


I’m sure we can organise overflow crash space in Glasgow. The directions are only for those who need a one-way ticket south.
All who come here without an imperialist mindset are welcome to visit as long as they like or stay if they fancy maintaining their European citizenship :slight_smile:


Adding more space makes sense to me :innocent:

I’m also wondering if and when the 500 put limit will be let go? Would be nice to be able to share more / larger files on the network.


We’re currently working on moving MaidSafe to in the next few months. I believe there are some pretty decent student digs on site.


How far away from where you are now is Ayr


Not far, about 10 miles.


Do you mean to Ayr, or in some way to the UWS?

Aye that’s all very well but where is the nearest Greggs?

Flash offices are all fine and dandy but if the devs don’t have an assured supply of yumyums, then you put the entire future of the project at risk.
I implore you to reconsider until this vital matter is addressed.

AAAAAND It stops me using the “Tech frae Troon” tagline.

Say NO to the poncy leafy suburbs of Ayr!!!


Scene: a boat (an oary boat, no Boaty McBoatface) just off the coast of Troon

Err Err
Wherr Err?
Err Err ower err.

This makes perfect sense in the local patois.


To use Greggs and yumyums in one sentence is a bit sensitive these days mate…

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Thats shocking, it really is. I hope the victims take him for every penny and he dies in jail.

Yumyums ( or an acceptable facsimile thereof) are also available from your friendly local independent baker.

Though I don’rt see any that are particularly handy…

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Both. Ayr is 10 miles away and UWS campus is in Ayr :slight_smile:


Ahhh. I knew there was something we missed from our premises criteria :)>

I would say that there is an excellent canteen though, so that may help mitigate the risk you have identified.


Awesome Nick… is that a startup/tech incubator of sorts?

Not really, it is just a very under utilised space and they are keen to start engaging with local businesses developing technology with academic merit. I believe we are the second company to be going in, the first is a life science company. The office space locally is generally pretty poor so to find somewhere that had a huge number of facilities on hand made a lot of sense for us.