MaidSafe Dev Update - March 29, 2018

@Nigel good point, but depends on how you look it. Could also be datachain-graph on top of datachain. We’ll see. Looking forward to finding out.

If only there was a way to replace the A in Directed Acyclic Graph with an O, maybe something like Directed O-less Graph. Then you have a Dog and a (Data) Chain :wink: Although lame, who knows, could be easier for some to remember.


DANG ! - complete sentence.

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“We can all see how the wider world is increasingly focusing on the same issues that obsess us.”

Yes! A world that isn’t bribery based and where false flags and Maciavellian politicians become impractical. And having this happen overnight and gaining access to juctice for wrongs from recent decades to reinforce this irrevocable change.