MaidSafe Dev Update - March 23, 2017

Excellent news guys! I’ll be downloading and trying this new test out.


any early news so far on how the network is performing?

are these early minutes of the network looking up to par at least?

#SAFE-FS Sites back up and running on TEST15:


Navigate to those links in your SAFE Browser with Launcher 10.3 to see them. They are the SAFE-FS Demo Web App (for getting ID’s and publishing websites), the SecretChat encrypted messaging app, the MaidSafe Timeline website documenting company events, the APP ZERO live example, the visual directory with images for the different available SAFE services, and the SAFEtube YouTube example with watchable videos.


tube.wom returns:

How do I log on to SafeChat?

yeah I think the safetube is still uploading. should work in a sec

and for the chat you have to all log into the same account or else you will just be talking to yourself.

I’ll make the same account I made last time for everyone to chat in.

Account Secret: secretchatwithme
Account Password: secretchat1


Thank you
might try it tomorrow though - its bedtime here…

Well it would be if I had an ounce of sense.


Lol, no comment.

Ahem, high five to my cousin in the land of the midnight dram.

Sorry, I lied. Trump’s fault.


great job !! How is the nat traversal? thanks

Same as test 13 By port forwarding or UPnP for the vaults.

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Ok. Does the alpha 2 planned to have it?

I doubt it very much. Nothing has been said. Test 15 if it works will become alpha 2.

The problem is a bug that causes a resource problem and I am sure that something will be said when they get to fixing it.


have you got the github link issue?

No. I have my information from the dev update/test 12 announcement

And in answer to yourself David said

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tube.wom is still giving that error.
chat.wom has me confused because I don’t see a login button. We need to login with those credentials in the launcher?

Another general question for anybody: is there a way to see our public files outside of the demo app, like say from the browser?

Yeah sorry didn’t upload tube yet

And yeah I think it’s an old version of the chat, I have a < div> hidden on accident I’ll fix so you can login and actually chat

And yeah you can view your files and their contents in the browser with the web based demo app we made at: safe://demo.wom


Amazing work Maidsafe team. You are clearly solving a lot of the issues with the system which is giving me a lot of confidence that one day soon i can use it every day.

Unfortunately I haven’t had time to try and get involved in the test networks but if i can find some in the future I’ll try and run a vault.

Keep up the excellent work!


yeah I keep getting the ::NetworkFull:: error too so I couldn’t update my sites

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Same here. Network full error.

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Check it tomorrow (there is an update every thursday), current test 15 might as well be over.
Some asshole was filling up the network, probably with a script.
But there is nothing to worry about, this is the behavior that the SafeCoins (the cryptocurrency) were designed to prevent: spam based DoSes.


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