MaidSafe Dev Update - March 2, 2017 - Test 12c


Looking forward to the vault requirement coming down a little bit so I can have a proper play with it.

Great stuff from Troon though. Fingers crossed for some really positive test results on this one. :grinning:


b31a8761 @ static IP



Bah! I’m getting bootstrap error from both AWS and home machines (Linux)
Running safe_vault v0.13.1
D 17-03-02 21:10:00.534808 [crust::main::service] Network name: Some(“test_network_12_c”)
T 17-03-02 21:10:02.836173 [routing::states::bootstrapping] Bootstrapping(7c4bdc…) Listener started on port 5483.
E 17-03-02 21:10:07.041994 [crust::main::bootstrap] Failed to Bootstrap: (FailedExternalReachability) Bootstrapee node could not establish connection to us.
I 17-03-02 21:10:07.042381 [routing::states::bootstrapping] Bootstrapping(7c4bdc…) Failed to bootstrap. Terminating.
D 17-03-02 21:10:07.042388 [routing::state_machine] State::Bootstrapping(7c4bdc…) Terminating state machine

Anyone else?

Is there a planned life span for this test net? If it is relatively bug free, will it run for a while, or will it only be a few days?

This may mean that you need to explicitly allow external connections at port 5483, otherwise by default on AWS, no connections are allowed. I think…


All the testnets in reality are short lived (maybe a week or so) as we move to Alpha II which will be longer lived. The new client API’s right now are looming so I would expect that we move rather quickly, but I always think that :wink:

I would imagine a testnet will go away in a few days, but recently the community keep them going with varying results. We have a couple of parts disabled like bootstrap cache that would allow folks to share a file simply that uses existing nodes on the network to seed of off.

So long winded and I am sorry, but bottom line testnets are probably considered short lived. Alpha/Beta will be much longer lived though.

We really need to get to secured data republish though to save everyone continually uploading again, we know it’s a pita, but we have to prioritise other things right now. More interviews this week though so hopefully more resources will help us, the recent hires have all proven very valuable, although a lot of the work is not yet visible to the community.


OK thanks. I’ll check.

Vultr instance I’ve just setup is $2.50/month+VAT(uk) and less in reality if I stop it sooner a fraction of that.

For those wanting to play then here is a rough list of some of the buttons I pushed…


Deploy New Server/Instance
Vultr Cloud Compute
[Any location]
[Ubuntu 16.10]
20GB SSD $2.50/month
[scroll down and enter a server hostname]
[deploy now]

get IP address and a copy of the password

[start a local terminal…]
ssh root@999.888.777.66
[you are now logged in to your server!]

mkdir ./SAFE
cd ./SAFE
sudo apt-get -y install unzip
unzip ./
cd ./safe_vault-v0.13.1-linux-x64
[Enter x2]

[wait a while…(410s)…for resource proof… ta da!]
[detach from screen and leave it running with “Ctrl-a” “d”]

then “exit” will drop your ssh connection and the vault will be there when you ssh again and “screen -r” to return to the screen with whatever is the latest output from the vault.
There are other options to screen but I can’t recall atm the detail of nohup etc to advise those.
also that setup is for a short burn and not as secure as I’d make a long standing server with new user and ssh only etc.



That is cheap. Thanks for the info. I’ll see if I can work it out tomorrow. I’m a bit of a windows-using tech-tard though, so there’s a good chance I’ll get confused, annoyed and give up :laughing:

I see myself as the perfect tester for how idiot-proof and user friendly SAFE is when it’s ready to launch :wink:


I expect you’ll need something like PuTTY for Windows… as terminal for the ssh. Long time since I used that but abcs online if you run to difficulty getting it started. Once you’re in the vultr server you are free and living the life of an ubuntu!


ditto, nice find chap, looks pretty good.


Happy Days are here again :fireworks:
Really liking the estimated network size! how many are droplets? 50 I guess.


I am oddly tense/anxious about this test, not in a bad way but in a I really hope it runs its course without any major issues kinda way.
Fingers crossed!


My “Estimated Network Size” has dropped from 104 to 26. Is there a churn test happening, or is my vault broken?

I lost connection to my Linode that is running my vault for awhile, and was unable to ssh back into it. I ssh’d into another of my machines, and then tried to ssh into my vault linode from there. Still no joy. Then, a few minutes later, I am able to ssh into my vault machine again, and all seems happy, but the network size has dropped bigly.

I don’t know what weird network issue my linode had, but I wonder if it messed with my vault somehow. I assume other people are not showing a network size of only 26.

Here’s my log file, if anybody’s interested.
It’s complaining a lot about “Not enough signatures in Signed Message”. I think I broke it.

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I see atm Estimated network size: 102
and Routing Table size: 75
so perhaps you are the additional ~26 beyond the 75?


Thanks. I’ll restart my vault. It’s complaining a lot about “Not enough signatures in Signed Message”. I think I broke it.
Edit: Restarted and happy again with network size of 104


Candidate a33a57… passed our challenge in 99 seconds.

:open_mouth: Is that a record? I thought the test was a 400s+ required wait??

apparently not!..

Candidate 8e9277… passed our challenge in 39 seconds.

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You can pass quick, but the section will wait for a period anyway. So from start to finish it’s 5 mins plus a 60 second secondary vote buffer IIRC.


Thanks Maidsafe Team,

Nice to have another test to try it

Starting asap :stuck_out_tongue:


And if you need help with your vaults etc, you can join the live audio call right now!

Had lots of very knowledgeable people in it



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