MaidSafe Dev Update - March 15, 2018

As you read that article you start to realize all of the critiques are actually benefits of the SAFE Network! Great thinking adding DAG. The very last bit sums it up. “The network will begin to struggle under its own weight without some form of centralized authority, or a revolutionary (and as yet completely unknown) new sharding technique which doesn’t compromise security, decentralization or performance.”
Brilliant. I’m interested to know more, so each section has its own DAG? How does that fit into something the whole network can fall back to in the event of a global outage, ie do these DAG’s link together on a larger DAG? Sounds like DAG’s are faster and can form at a more flexible rate which would be the benifit in contrast to so much eventual consistency code as it stands, correct? Will it still be called Data Chains and will it still have all the same bells and whistles? Very cool stuff.


hmhnmm - i naively assumed the DAG-part is only an idea to speed-up the voting mechanism of the current group state that might be factored into the data chains then.

grouping aspects of the current state of the network in linked messages could automatically bring some kind of structure into the random aspects of the current state all group members see at one point in time. So you could use the linked messages to bundle them together and say ‘this is already known truth - from now on we only discuss the rest’ (and as messages are linked you see that there is a broken link in your ‘chain’ if you missed one and can react on this) … so … maybe a very simple functionality made available through DAGs but certainly one that could work very well withouth the danger of it getting very complex and maidsafe suddenly sitting there and fixing problems DAGs do have if you try to use them on large scale… (please correct me if i’m wrong)

ps: but i don’t claim to have understood DAGs deeply and didn’t find the time to read the article yet … so …


Good job! What about the new website?


Thanks for hard work!!!


MVP is really the Alpha’s Beta’s I suppose although they are not a releasable product, unless you wish to run a private network in a corporate environment. We see even then we cannot release a public network that won’t be spammed silly without safecoin and the protections/costs that brings. You could consider many of the app forms of MVP as well or the crates and their examples (like crust IM etc.). The network is what folk wish for and that will have to be feature complete in terms of safecoin and the client APIs etc. MVP was probably a really bad thing to mention way back as it means many things to many people.


Don’t you need to finish data chains and things like that to impliment safecoin? So how long until data chains are in place?

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Seriously depends on a side issue we are working on related to section interior consensus.


@dugcampbell @SarahPentland was just watching an Ivan on Tech video on YouTube and he is starting a coding program to teach how to code for EOS, ethereum, and NEO I think. It could be interesting to reach out to him once SAFE ACADEMY is further along??


Good idea, thanks @Nigel!