MaidSafe Dev Update - June 7, 2018

Another fantastic update! I love reading these every week; they’re so marvelously written.

Sounds like the preamble to a marvelous dish! Can’t wait to see the new website :yum::smile:


Thanks for the great update again. Have been more excited about safe then I have been in a long time. I was curious about what Vladzamfir thought of it and checked his tweets but he didn’t seem enthusiastic about parsec at all. Any idea why?

His Twitter topic : “mho coming up with an asynchronously safe binary consensus protocol is an important rite of passage for consensus protocol researchers”

“is this a reference to the @maidsafe PARSEC consensus algorithm they just released?”

Vlad ‘‘not giving away ETH’’ Zamfir
no lol

“have you had a chance to review it at all? seems promising!”

Vlad ‘‘not giving away ETH’’ Zamfir
“it is overhyped , marginal innovation if that.
That said, evidences more expertise than par for cryptocurrency”

I have been following maid since ico and i trust them when they say its huge news so I don’t understand why he is so indifferent about it


It might be Scaper…or Praces… Races-P…Persca… Parces…Raspec…Craspe… hahaha

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His bio on Twitter is “absurdist troll” and honestly he is somewhat immature. Never thought I’d be the one saying that honestly. He was challenged a bit and then he became more constructive as the conversation went on. It turned out pretty well actually imo and it was good getting his insights once he actually dug in.


Well done.
I hope to start contributing again soon, been really busy of late.

Great update as always Maidsafe devs, keep up the good work super ants.

Are there any plans for a mobile version of the browser?

Thought this might also give some insight in future growth strategy.



I think the reason Vlad started his interactions with that dismissive tone is because he misinterpreted the message we were sending out.

When @dirvine challenged him, he said:

Well, I don’t think asynchronous consensus on an order of events can be described as “never been done before” or “a paradigm shift”. And it’s not asynchronous, but “very asynchronous” or “randomly synchronous” [sic], and this synchrony assumption isn’t very clearly documented

We didn’t claim we had invented the concept of an ABFT, we claimed we had found one of the most efficient solutions to date and released it in the open unlike some companies who decided to go the patent route.

I think because of his initial misunderstanding of our message, he felt like we were dismissive of previous research, and that’s why his instinct was to be defensive about it.

After clearing things up, the discussion became much more productive and he actually brought up valuable technical feedback, as mentioned in the dev update.

We’re all human and it’s easy to portray as trollish on the internet, even with the best intentions; but in the end, code is code, algorithms are algorithms and technical feedback is valuable regardless of the original tone it was brought up with :smiley:


Thanks for the explanation @pierrechevalier83 @Nigel I should have dug a little more, always safe the dev update as a nice bed time story :grin: but apparently was to tired to search his twitter more then I did last night.


Awesome done, @dugcampbell , @nicklambert , @SarahPentland, to get the article in Techcrunch about PARSEC. You guys hit the heightest mark I think is possible at this time, when closer to Beta and release I hope for articles in, NY times, Washington post, Bloomberg, Business insider, but this should only be seen as a whishlist for the future. :slight_smile:

Exciting to read about encryption being implemented, I guess the earlier thing about converting the encryption part to Rust has been achieved.


@anon41664782 indeed, we’ve actually discussed QUIC internally - it has a lot of nice features. It’s just currently we’re very focused on getting TCP and UDP connections working reliably. Since we already have uTP implementation, that’s the shortest way to do so. But in the future we’d like Crust to be transport protocol agnostic and have a plug-in based system for different data transport methods.
Btw, I also saw the presentation on-site, would love to contribute to the project sometime :slight_smile:


:+1: what a gold nugget!


This maybe true, we want to give him the benefit of the doubt, yet being the leader of one of the biggest and most successful crypto projects, I find his initial reaction to be ignorant, which someone in his position should not be.

Caution, and a deeper reading into MAIDSAFE, which he could have given even an assistant to uncover by actually researching what the hell is in plain sight, would have been a logical step, before proving himself to be immature by acting all defensive.

MAIDSAFE is 100% transparent. All anyone needs to do is hangout at the forum for an hour to realize how grown up this project is.

If the smart people at ETH aren’t paying attention, then who is?

It’s becoming more and more obvious that MAIDSAFE is the adult at the crypto playground.


Those that are eyeballs’ deep in blockchain tech are likely to dismiss The SAFE Network out of hand. Maidsafe is building a hammer, and they live in glass houses. They’d rather shut their eyes, believing that what they refuse to see can never be.


Good job we wait next step ,Great Technologie keep working

Very exciting stuff! I wasn’t aware of the tech crunch article either so thank you for the link.


excited of this project, if only i continue my software development career i should have help in building this project. as an audience and future user of this project how can we contribute to this?


I would say build an app on it! There is a list of most wanted apps and for development you can get started with dev resources here. As far as to the core code, it’s probably too early to contribute but I don’t doubt that once all the pieces are in place and the project is almost ready for a security audit that they’ll reopen the bounty program. I might be wrong but the person to chat with would probably be @nicklambert. Hope it’s not a bother to tag you here Nick, I know you’re busier than ever these days! Hope this helps and welcome to the forum @coyex2018maidsafe


No problem! Yes depending on your experience @coyex2018maidsafe you can either look at building an app which will be great for tyre kicking our APIs (you can find more info on the dev hub, or if you have a specific interest and experience in networking then working in our core networking libraries. I think the team are looking at the GitHub issues at the moment and making sure they are up to date. Either way great to have you onboard!


:wink: EXCITED project go safe


Hey @coyex2018maidsafe another user on the forum has shown interest in getting involved in building an app on the network but doesn’t have any coding experience so I gave him some pointers here if you are interested in contributing to the network.