MaidSafe Dev Update - June 21, 2018

You can’t ban a cryptocurrency. You can only ban it’s exchange in regulated exchanges. Cryptos that are banned in regulated exchanges will be traded by non-regulated exchanges. When a person wishes to convert their privacy focused crypto to fiat, they will use a non-regulated exchange to convert to bitcoin/litecoin, send that non-privacy focused and still allowed crypto to a regulated exchange, and withdraw their fiat.

Short of banning all regulated crypto-exchanges completely, all they can do is add a step in the conversion to/from fiat.


No if you look at the list I quoted it goes:

  1. service discovery on LAN.
  2. Bootstrap off hard-coded contracts.
  3. bootstrap off cached contracts.

hence my question and why I quoted it. But if I missed something please let me know.

In the OP the list was not numbered and it was mentioned that those methods were attempted in parallel.

You quoted this (partial):

which is exactly what you wanted (hard coded contacts is the last option).


Ok I stand corrected. :slight_smile: