MaidSafe Dev Update - June 21, 2018

First and foremost, the fix goes into safe_bindgen :slight_smile: And resources are there for the manually-coded parts of the bindings – the parts we deemed unnecessary to generate automatically because it’s hard and/or impractical. You can find resources for both safe_app and safe_authenticator.

And once the bindings are generated, they go into the safe_app_csharp repository, to work as a foundation for the higher-level C# interface to the network (which is mostly coded manually, too).

Hope this helps!

Sure thing :wink: Thanks!


Just a bit of fun. Think of it as a wee palate cleanser before attempting to digest the routing.


Annnnnnnd you’re back in the room.


Well, there’s really no roadmap regarding uTP - it is feature complete, but we keep hitting some bugs since its implementation is at very early stage. Keeps getting more robust with time though :slight_smile:

Nope, LAN discovery only works on local networks. For Internet connections we use hard coded and cached contacts. Also, cached contacts preference is higher than hard coded ones.

Hehe, well as @nicklambert mentioned it’s a Rust based framework. So no nodejs :slight_smile: Crust is implemented in Rust so netsim integrates with it really nicely. If you’re not a developer, probably netsim won’t make you much happier. But for many developers who have some networking code, this is a really useful testing framework.
All in all, it allows us to better test our code, hence make it more robust. We want those connections to be reliable within SAFE network after all :slight_smile:


Did you recognize that a time scale was given here? =O now that is interesting :thinking:

Very very cool - I love Thursdays :slight_smile:


Hehe, it’s easy to tell when a road will be built, but it’s hard to say when the city is ready :slight_smile:


Fun update Maidsafe devs, hang in there super ants.



The complexity of the Synths of ‘Beach House’ is a great analogy of how the safe network works. Great update :tada:

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Woohoo. At least something will cross the finish line :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

How the heck did I miss this?! Damn this project is SoLiD! :smiley: I wonder how much effort this will take. More details on this next week would be cool if possible. This will give the SAFE Network even more of an edge.


+1, Pretty sure 1st update of the year indicated that we’ll be getting listings this year


So, I know that I’m way late to the party, but I’m just now trying to mess around with the API in the browsers. In the Peruse browser, I have access to, safeAuthenticator, and safeAppGroupId.

Beaker is just safeAppGroupId.

Both of these are straight off of Git because I wanted to build with mock routing. Am I missing something / too early / too late / wrong build?

Really wanting to play with the api playground.

Even if it’s a “you need to wait 1-2 weeks to things to finalize” that’s fine. Just want to make sure I’m not being silly.

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Have you checked oout or

Thank you sir. Someone else having same issue. Hopefully we get this sorted out.

I heard on Friday that the secret service had a hearing in congress to perhaps ban privacy focused currencies like Monero and Zcash. What are the chances of them coming after Maidsafe after a successful launch? Perhaps making it illegal etc?

If that were to happen - could the project quickly be broken down into 2 from positioning standpoint -

Decentralized storage - where companies/individuals can simply leverage the decentralized storage component of maidsafe using existing internet browsers and the way they run their business today (without the use of safenet browser etc). Something like just download the wallet, convert your computer into a node and participate in the decentralized storage market. A product/service to replace companies like siacoin, storj,, dropbox, and all/all local storage systems. This is a multi trillion $ market in itself.

The second part of it is building a safe internet for everyone - peruse browser, etc etc. That way even if some law bans the second portion of the project above, the investors in this project are protected by simply maidsafe being a solution for decentralized storage.

May be 1 and 2 cannot be delinked but I just want the development to be done in a way that if the whole private internet concept is banned by gvernments then atleast certain components of this project (decentralized storage etc) can still function and be used by everyone (large corporations, individuals, everyone included).


(If Safenet is not banned then we are all set to fulfill the entire dream of a fully safe, secure internet. I am all in for it but I dont want to be judged - I like the project but am also always concerned about my investment in maidsafe because of these type of news of goverments banning privacy etc. so just sharing my thoughts.)

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Any updates on the exchanges?


You can’t ban a cryptocurrency. You can only ban it’s exchange in regulated exchanges. Cryptos that are banned in regulated exchanges will be traded by non-regulated exchanges. When a person wishes to convert their privacy focused crypto to fiat, they will use a non-regulated exchange to convert to bitcoin/litecoin, send that non-privacy focused and still allowed crypto to a regulated exchange, and withdraw their fiat.

Short of banning all regulated crypto-exchanges completely, all they can do is add a step in the conversion to/from fiat.


No if you look at the list I quoted it goes:

  1. service discovery on LAN.
  2. Bootstrap off hard-coded contracts.
  3. bootstrap off cached contracts.

hence my question and why I quoted it. But if I missed something please let me know.

In the OP the list was not numbered and it was mentioned that those methods were attempted in parallel.

You quoted this (partial):

which is exactly what you wanted (hard coded contacts is the last option).


Ok I stand corrected. :slight_smile: