MaidSafe Dev Update - June 15, 2017


I really do hope you’re at least open to future consultation @AndreasF . Without you I have no doubt this project would be further behind. You’re an engineering behemoth. Everyone on the team is talented but anyone could see even at a glance how skilled you are. From recruit to leader in a few weeks. Amazing. :clap: :relieved: bravo bravo !! … You truly deserve it. Please don’t be a stranger. You’re family here. :v: :sweat:


Thanks @AndreasF for your valuable contribution to the SAFE Network and good luck with your new project rockstar.

@maidsafe thanks for another week of incredible hard work, the amount of tests you guys do is amazing.


Looks like we have another good move further. Keep up the good work folks. :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks so much @AndreasF for all your hard work and contributions! You sir will be missed!

Excited for the testnetwork! Keep up the great work everyone!



I hope you’ll come back soon!


When is the next release estimated to arrive? And if guessing, when is safenet up and running?


You won’t get any “offical” guessing concerning the next release date, but if you scroll up here you will find some hints. Also this ELI5 of state of progress? will give you an indication of where the projects at.


Wow. Now this is a community and a project I would be proud to be a part of.