MaidSafe Dev Update - June 14, 2018

Ground breaking technology presented with amateur level audio presentation. Now there is a marketing department, it is incumbent upon them to get this sorted in all instances where audio is presented to the public.

The issue here is not monetary, it’s technical and procedural…for instance just get one of these:

Notice the difference? but also noticed how they stuffed up the level at the end…

Use of a ‘dedicated broadcast setup’ should be mandated across the company for all public facing audio, no excuses for the wild fluctuations in quality coming with these presentations.


:joy::joy::joy: love it.

The Maidsafe Team makes summitting Everest in a tee shirt (so to speak) seem so effortless! Yet another excellent update. Super excited to hear testing of PARSEC coming soon too.


I probably wouldn’t have worded it as such but I agree completely that this needs to get sorted sooner than later. That and keeping up with the branding colors/imagery as pointed out by @Eureka18 in the PARSEC vid. Though Pierre did a fantastic job on the video and explaining it, Eurekas slides were spot on. The marketing team is doing great conceptually but sometimes the implementation ends up a little lack luster. The DevCon though was seriously very well put together, so props to them for a flawless execution on that front.

All that said, the video was a necessity, well worded, concise, and should help clear things up to newcomers. There just need to be some standards set for visual and audio before roll out. Maybe getting the Chennai front end team involved in visual/audio aspects?

Also great job @dugcampbell on that interview you’re really good at keeping on track and getting back to points when conversation naturally can diverge. You have a darn good grasp of things and are a charismatic public speaker.


Good update, agree on the comments made on the audio for the video that was released. I had just watched some other videos at normal volume and had to turn up the sound quite a bit to hear what was said. Audio should be updated for sure.


Curious to see it up and running :blush::hugs:

SAFE is growing up :slight_smile:


Great feedback, thanks @chrisfostertv - and thanks for the preamp tip as we work on getting a decent solution to the audio quality moving forwards. With this particular video, it should be updated fairly regularly and it’s also not a massive piece of work to get the audio re-recorded. For this one, we obviously made the call to get something out rather than perfect because this kind of video guide has been missing for a little while - but it’s a good shout for us to make things more cohesive/professional from this point on :slight_smile:


Things haven’t proceeded quite as quickly as we had hoped following DevCon, although we have received some positive news this week, we just can’t tell you about it yet as we are co-ordinating activities. We will confirm things quite soon though.


That will be @JimCollinson - a bit of a word smith as well as being a top notch UX designer.


I thought @Zoki had done an excellent one along these lines, or am I mistaken?

Might be worth looking up because I think he did a great job of introducing the network, although he may not have covered exactly the same points.

Small point on the Getting Started video where it talks about getting and using the invitation code: I think it wasn’t clear that in one breath it’s referring to the SAFE Browser and the next a different browser. That area seemed rushed and potentially confusing. I couldn’t follow it!


No, you’re absolutely right @happybeing

@Zoki did a great video (Made a video on Test 17 to share with everyone I know) as has @David_MacGregor ( We don’t want to take any of the limelight from the great work carried out to date (and would encourage anybody who wants to do this to go for it!) - but our thinking was that it feels like a video that we should also be keeping up to date from our side moving forwards


That means Alpha 3 ?:wink:

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Not quite. At a high level we will require PARSEC, dynamic membership (nodes being able to add/remove) and sharding (splitting the network into groups) to reach that milestone.


when can we expect any timeshedules regarding alpha 3, wasnt it supposed to be easy to measure.
No one know if we are few weeks or rather months away from alpha 3.

It is considerably easier and when the next two papers are out then it just clears up any side issues. We are working with Jira much closer now and gantt analysis. That will give us our project velocity and with some more work there then we should get decent roadmap/timescales etc.

You know what will happen though, day traders will try and use that for “smart” investing and any project slippage or perhaps early delivery and we will be subject to amazing amounts of greeting, howling, spitting, swearing and copious scam claims. On top of that then the whole insider trading debacle and the devs seen as traders using inside info and on it will go. Kinda like coding in a war zone with bullets and bombs flying all around us :wink:


I might get thrown under the Bus for this but on a similar note please give some consideration to leaving Safecoin out of the limelight and under wraps to the very very end for this exact reason. People…sigh :smile:


Good spot @happybeing , I think this is the one you remember.

It does reference the current website and alpha 2, so… with alpha 4 just around the corner :wink:
it’s going to be outdated very soon.

Love @SarahPentland voice, I think I’ve said it before, could sit here all day watching the video. :slight_smile:

@dugcampbell , thanks for the compliment. I am very happy to have anything of mine re-hashed,
re-done, replaced, even forgotten and filed away if needed. Whatever is best for the project, the marketing strategy, message and image you want to deliver on.


how is the work on the papers going ? just started or finishing?

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2nd paper started as per plan, 3rd not yet, it will start after the 2nd one is complete.


let me help you with this, so we get this done sooner. i can advise that 2+2 is 4 uff and thats it from my side , i have no more math knowledge . but hope that helps xd

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Which is a great point. Can simply be overdubbed! Personally, I think losing views on a video is not the best reasoning for not updating something, I mean I do get it but shouldn’t the perception of quality going forward be seen as most important? So what if there are more ‘views’ when there could be more ‘likes’ because the quality of production was up to par. I believe it has a huge impact. JAMS is no exception. I have so far refused some very generous opportunities to promote JAMS that I haven’t felt comfortable taking (yet) because the app doesn’t live up to a standard that I think is worthy of the attention. Some might see that as silly but no matter how much I say good about it, the app will speak for itself and currently it still has some “speech” problems :stuck_out_tongue: . I think this applies to the visual and audio content put out by Maidsafe too. The blogs and hypercube vids are great but any Skype/video interview, tutorial, or explanation video need both good video/audio quality to stand up to the others.