MaidSafe Dev Update - July 5, 2018


really wonderful update! Thanks for the good job MaidSafe Team!


This is funny, but people not from Australia won’t understand it. Anyway, I liked it. Thanks so much!


Gabriel wouldn’t cheat, he’s from Argentina! :trophy:



Errrm, call me pedantic but …


Thanks! Will update now


I don’t think so, and before facing France you need to tackle Brazil first.


You were saying :wink:


Brazil was unlucky :frowning:

Great update Maidsafe team!



here I learn something new every day! People who use Linux in Australia should be pretty tough :wink:


Only those willing to take control of their machines. :grin:

@chrisfostertv good one mate :rofl: I can get a waxing before haha lol squared


I used to have a shirt that was a play on the “got milk?” Shirts that said “Got root?”. All my geek friends got it… Then I lifeguarded with a girl from Australia and I wore that shirt (having no idea what it meant over there). She was so very offended for the first half of the day. Trying to explain what Linux root account is to a pissed off and insulted Aussie is not so easy.


Well, the word is of French origin, and “ou” is pronounced like “oo” in French, so… :wink:


I could take the Aussie attitude of “Do I look like I give a ***K :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:”, but cannot use that word in this forum. It still sounds like a description of “you know what” :yum: