MaidSafe Dev Update - July 20, 2017

if anyone wants to do a call I’m home so let me know,

I know that @Joseph_Meagher wants to in about 2 hours. but let me know, am back

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I’m wondering. Routing and Data Chains being as complex as they will there be fairly simple way to upgrade the entire network with back incompatible versions of the two systems? Would it still be possible to do a complete disaster republish with an incompatible set of old data chains.

If in the off chance the upgrade process began network wide little before the global disaster occured, would these modified vaults allow or be allowed to republish or even route data? Has this edge case been considered? Or is not a problem with the current design?



If you insist on going down the path of compromise, then please ensure there is a safe only version for those of us that believe in a clean break from the clearnet…otherwise…sorry but this stinks!


Thanks for explaining more about testing thoughts. I’m still not sure about it, I want to share this stuff! And saying download this stuff is more straightforward than sign up to the forum and then, this is how you get an invite etc. so I’m not going to share as widely, but maybe that’s a benefit :wink:

What is the biggest benefit for you guys? Is it still about trust, or now mainly about quality of feedback, or?

Can you elaborate - does this mean home vaults first just doing routing, no storage? Then vaults with storage being alpha 4 perhaps?


Thanks team for all of those hard work, expected will see the next alpha release roll out


Another great update, thank you Maidsafe team and keep up the good work super ants


Spirits and force for the whole team, I wait to see soon like it starts the Safenetwork.


I’m with @whiteoutmashups on this. Whatever testing group is most convenient for MaidSafe is my preference.

I actually feel a bit guilty I haven’t been aiding in the testing efforts, but it seems like there are more than enough other participants.

I’m not going to be extremely excited about testing until we get home vaults again, anyways.


Testing and user groups… Do you remember when Gmail first rolled out? You could only get access if you were invited through a friend. Why not do something similar. I’m a developer, have trusted friends and colleagues who are itching to try this network. You could keep tabs on how deep someone is in the introduction network… cull a branch if it gets to an untrusted source?


1). You grow the network base fast.
2). You grow it through trusted users.
3). The network will get to a trusted size fast before final release.
4). You could in this way reserve site names for people like Wikipedia.

You’d have to think about how to track this, but also how to just then release the network to general use.

The “why can’t I have access” aspect of such a roll out will self market. People will kill to join.


I agree with Mark again. I want to point my friends and other people to and say they should really try this out. I guess it can’t be done without an invite as attackers might abuse the fact that Safecoin isn’t implemented yet so here are my 2 cents on how this could be done in a user friendly way:

  • Point all people to when Alpha 2 is released.
  • Let them download the SAFE Browser and allow them to surf the network and its safesites.
  • If they want an account, point them to a clearnet_link (which opens in their common browser) so MaidSafe can allow only 2 invites per IP.

What could go wrong?? An attacker could try to ddos the system in it’s current state (the proxies) but there’s spam prevention in place for that.

Another possible attack could be the use of VPNs and/or proxies on the clearnet to try to grab a load of invites. But MaidSafe is able at the moment to detect the tokens which are abused isn’t it??

So overall it should be very simple to use. Wanna browse some sites? Grab the SAFE browser and you’re good. Want to upload a website?? Create an account and make use of the invitation link.

That’s probably quite some work, but it’s way better and easier to use than Alpha 1 and it shows a lot more capabilities. Forcing people to become member of our forum will keep away quite a few of them I guess.


Very thankful to the hardwork and commitment that the team have put into as usual. Take care all!


Stay strong. We need you! :muscle:


I tend to agree with you. Non techos like me need a lot of time and simple instructions on how to use the new world. Change is a big thing you know. And the earlier they can see what’s coming the better


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There’s an old saying: “Fortune favors the bold”. I agree with Polpolrene. Systems like take off in a huge way (although clumsily like their launch) because they went balls-to-the-wall and then fixed some kinks along the way.


Did I miss this? Were the new binaries made available?

No, not yet. But there are quite some updates to the codebase. Every tab in the browser used to fill a spot on the proxy_node. Even after being closed, that’s fixed. There’s also an update that proxy_nodes no longer have a limit when it comes to connected clients. Looks like they just share bandwidth over all connected users. So looks like some updates binaries are coming. I have no idea if they need to be tested or will be open etc.


Their has been alot put into this platform so we don’t want to release until its ready. The Healthcare field needs it that’s for sure have a great week.


Keep up the good work I just landed a huge account for private communication!

Jeeeezle Pete, don’t reply to old dev updates at update time :laughing: you had me confuzzled!