MaidSafe Dev Update - July 13, 2017 - Test 17


Forgot about this IP stuff. Had my VPN turned on last night and I didnt when I created my account…



I suggest adding a hint to that error message while we’re limiting IP addresses. This will keep cropping up.


Yeh it’ll prolly make it more precise if rather than just a hint, we can also split the error reason further up as this is just one of quite a few things that can currently trigger it, for example

  • no network access (wifi off / cable out / …)
  • proxy is at max client capacity
  • IP related - outdated / not set
  • validated proxies have banned the client for something they did


Screenshot of

You’re Banned

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Who moi? :grimacing:


Cant get the Safe Demo App to work. Failed to authorize with launcher error?

Does anyone else have this working?

version is 0.62



The Demo App and Launcher don’t work on the current network. The launcher has been replaced by the browser-authenticator. See here and comments below it.


I have created a SAFE account on the test net 19. What follows is a report of my failed attempt to create it on the test net 18.
I’ve downloaded the installation kit for the SAFE browser and run “SAFE Browser.exe”. The browser opened and offered me to open an account using the authenticator. I got an invitation token and input it, a secret, and a password. Instead of creating the account, the authenticator returns to the Invitation Token page and displays in red this text: "Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network"
I want to follow your work and test your programs. How will you help me e.g. open an account with you?
(I usually use computers logically. Now I’ve entered the secret and the password as if I had an account. The same error occurs.)


@Julian Test 18 should be offline check for the most recent update with test 19 binaries.


I did that as you wrote me.
The SAFE browser and web hosting manager work on Windows. I’ve done 400 out of the 1,000 operations permitted. I might not use these two programs for a while, but I’m interested in how they work, e.g. where they store what data and how they transfer data, and how they benefit us.
Who’s going to maintain the SAFE network under what terms?
We could make our data management program work in this network.


The browser and web hosting manager are interacting with the SAFE network (testnet 19 more specifically). The data is stored in vaults running on nodes hosted by MaidSafe in this testnet. In later versions (and in some earlier ones) the vaults will be on user’s computers. The benefits for users are privacy, security, and control of their data. For developers, the advantages are not having to manage the infrastructure for your app, developer rewards, and the ability to make apps that weren’t possible before.