MaidSafe Dev Update - January 11, 2018


For instance if I have an update to inform you about, concerning on my safe todo website, I can make my own topic “Draw todo dev update …” on this forum and/or on r/safenetwork.
person/company (e.g. SAFE-FS) would have been a better choice of words.


I feel we are hijacking the topic at this point and if we need to discuss it further we can start another topic.


Excellent update form all the ladies and guys at Maidsafe. Glad to hear of the progress as always.

Very good point and hope @maidsafe (or @frabrunelle can tell them) see your ever so obvious observation that no one saw before


Awesome update!!!:grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Thanks for the update! Marketing: Agree to push “SAFE Network” rather than “Maidsafe”. Soon, hopefully we will have Safecoin as well. Please, marketing team, DO NOT forget TWITTER. Most of the discussions on bitcoin/crypto has moved from reddit to Twitter. And Maidsafe is not that visible on Twitter as of today. Cheers


For Mr. @dugcampbell


Hey @ivar - totally agree! :slight_smile: Love Twitter - and it’s crucial going forwards. There’s a number of the team that are pretty active as individuals but we’re also looking at how we can push things forward there. In the more immediate term though, it’d be great if people can start using the #safenetwork hashtag wherever there’s anything that’s relevant to the project or its aims - we can all then use that search term to help us quickly collate & share relevant content that we might be missing across the community.

Likewise, if it’s good enough to share on Twitter, please think about sharing it on r/safenetwork as well - two birds, one stone. :bird:


There was this bit, short but sweet!


Thanks for the likes guys got more than dislikes but did see the likes go down a bit too, I assume this is our competitors and their hordes getting angry that we thought of this first and our project is much better (e.g. no blockchain etc).


This is very exciting news! I can’t wait for "The Safe Network Academy "sign me up first. If there’s anything I can do to help whatsoever please feel free to ask


Ouuu so happy to see this: The SAFE Network Academy’. Looking forward. I would like to know this Academy will be focus on technical aspects of SAFE ?
Good job guys !


2020?? Did I miss something and the project is still 2 years away?


Vault default storage format for default 1MB the write blocksizes should use IMO 4096 byte to keep performance fast by using jumbo packet size 4096 through any WAN network these days, it ensures both sides of the network source/destination keep their CPU ticks to a minimum and keeps memory management and related queuing and paging operation count down to a reasonable minimum.

Most importantly the 4096 datagram payload lines up nicely with the Advanced Format 4096 block size for a write and read to disk to keep throughput fast.

Q? Has any body looked at the adaptability of uTP to the above and tested it end to end?

br R2


Is BitFlyer exchange on the radar? The Chief Executive of Yuzo Kano is focused on being a regulatory compliant exchange. The company announced on Tuesday that its been granted a payment-institution license to operate in the European Union.