MaidSafe Dev Update - February 9, 2017


Rustup on ubuntu. Ill try 1.14 later tonight. Thanks for the help.


@hunterlester I installed rust 1.14.0 and still get this:

npm ERR! Tell the author that this fails on your system:
npm ERR! cd native/safe_app && cargo build --features “use-mock-routing testing” && cd …/…/ && cp -f native/target/debug/safe_app ./src/native


Did you run rustup override set 1.14.0 in your working directory?
Run rustc --version to confirm the version afterwards.

PM me if you still have trouble.


Good catch, I was still running version 1.15. Now I successfully ran the mocha test, thanks.

I tried the create_public_name example but the browser doesn’t seem to be aware of the request. Maybe I didn’t install it correctly. I can’t access its login page by entering the safe-auth:… url in the address bar for example.

I’m getting this error when running the create_public_name example:

at Object.openUri (/home/dav/safe/safe_app_nodejs/src/native/_system_uri.js:24:11)


What’s needed is apps need to register with the operating system as a URI Handler to handle the safe: uri.Since this is different across various operating systems and apps, a web search is the quickest way to solving this.

Ideally clicking a safe: link should cause the operating system to show a dialog asking which app to use to handle the action (including safe browser if it’s installed).

A similar example is mailto: links prompt to open your email client, bitcoin: links prompt to open your bitcoin wallet, etc.


Working on getting safe_browser up and running. If I install it according to the readme, upon running it appears to still be waiting for the external launcher and does not recognize safe-auth://home/#login.

I’m thinking that I need to build beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator.

I build beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator and place the contents of dist in safe_browser/app/node_modules

Now safe_browser is looking to import a module from beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator in app/node_modules but I think it’s looking for an index.js, which is not output by any of the three webpack scripts in beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator

  • bundle.js looks like react/redux code
  • api.js handles auth and ffi loader
  • protocols.js seems like it may need to be what’s imported but it requires modules that exist in beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator but not safe_browser

I’ll continue to tinker until I figure it out but I’d love help finding the way, just in case I’ve veered way off course.

[EDIT: removed dev username references so as to save precious reading time. I just switched to the commit that integrated beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator. I was unnecessarily complicating things. Thank you @DavidMtl ]


This comment on the last commit suggest they removed the authenticator from the browser. Maybe they found some last minute bug or something.

Revert “SAFE Authenticator plugin integration”


Good call. Was safe_browser with beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator only meant to be used for Test12b?


Can’t say, maybe. We should be fixed on monday anyway when they get back to work.


OK, I’ve managed to build SAFE Browser and SAFE App Nodejs now but safe-auth://home just brings up a message:
This site would like to open a URL in another program
Clicking on Allow doesn’t seem to do anything, certainly nothing like the screenshot at the top of this thread.

How do I integrate the authenticator with the SAFE browser build, or am I barking up the wrong tree?

EDIT: I’m running user_network_12_b by the way


Hi @hunterlester, please follow the steps from to building beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator. It is clearly mentioned to add index.js file and dist folder into safe_browser/app/node_modules/beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator folder.


Sorry for the slow response. The intention is that any new CEPs would be posted in Request For Proposal within the Development category of the forum, however, it is likely that this would be discussed in a main forum thread first prior to posting. Just in case you hadn’t seen it yet, the CEP process is detailed in this thread.

I do like the idea of the mentorship program, we get approached regularly about internships, unfortunately we don’t have the resources to deliver this just yet, but as we are constantly working on recruitment I hope that this will change in the near future. Thanks for your ongoing involvement and continued interest!


Sorry for the spam, if any of you still have the log files from test-12b, can you please check this thread and see if you get a match please. Just to help debug one of the issues from test-12b


Dude do not worry about it at all!!! For us this is not spam but a call to arms. We’re here to fight with and for you all whatever little we can. :sunglasses: :innocent:


@Viv, I have my log, but that 163 post thread you linked to, has eluded my quick search to see what string that it is you want me to search for.

What should we be grepping?



If you can grep/find theese references then it’s good for us to grab from you if that’s Ok.


Done, but search for both strings struck out for my Node. Sorry


Windows users:

I’ve got an executable bundled here for SAFE Browser integrated with beaker-plugin-safe-authenticator:

Upon entering safe-auth://home into the browser, I’m able to create an account and/or login.

Now I’m running tests with safe_app_nodejs and I want to see what other users are running into.


Alpha 1??? 20 chars bla bla bla


WooHoo!! Bravo @hunterlester . I knew you could get it done! Definitely really helpful to us! :relaxed: