MaidSafe Dev Update - February 8, 2018


I don’t think at this time age 255 or even 50 is planned. its more having sufficient states to account for all the desired stages.


I’m pretty sure age 42 is planned to deliver answers that are reliable enough to an extend that Nobody needs to question it any further :joy::roll_eyes::hugs:


Great work! Hope to see more updates/plans on marketing to the general public going forwards.


The simulation numbers indicate that reach 255 is, practically, impossible. I’m running the simulation myself and with 1058349 nodes and 73123 sections the maximum age is 17. And, analysing the future growth in age, multiply by 10 the number of nodes increases only by one the maximum age. Therefore reach even more that 20 or 22 seem unachievable.


Also if a node did get to 255 then it just needs to go offline and it is halved. So even if a few did get there then great, but unlikely to last, however if they did then it is not bad, but we don’t feel a need to take up more space than 1 byte for the age, so the balance was in favour of 255.


Really cool the devcon sadly im not a developer (or at least not a good one :smiley:) but then will def. look online!


Doesn’t this bring a “won’t update” problem David? Like elders not willing to update their Vault to the latest version (even if it’s more secure and efficient) because of a drawback in income?


As a non-technical MaidSafe supporter…


Should be Ok actually, updates should not penalise a vault, so it will be able to keep going (or should not at least). However a vault that did not update would probably be slower and after 2 updates would be removed form the network. Something for the update strategy though to take care of. It is though again another reason to not expect too many nodes age 255, even if we did reduce the age of all restarting vaults on update it would be network wide as nodes upgraded, so net net the end result would be a node not penalised for upgrade wrt to all other nodes.

Still some edge cases, but not a worry I think.

Brainstorm - The Network on the offensive

This is awesome!! I went to a blockchain event yesterday and had a thought: could we turn this into a global event with simultaneous meet-ups all around the world? If so, I’m happy to help organize one in Chicago. I know @whiteoutmashups has quite a bit of experience pulling together meet ups, so we could definitely leverage his expertise too. If need be, we could make this a CEP community-funded initiative. Meet up organizers could submit detailed proposals, including info on venue, number of people, marketing support, accessories (I.e., Maidsafe/SAFEnetwork swag), etc.

It would also be great if the event could coincide with other high profile activity, like massive milestone achievement, airdrop, partnership, etc. Anywho, just a thought.


Great. This will be huge, and is exactly why I created the Global SAFE Pods proposal system.

Please write a public proposal and post it as a new topic and we can all give insight and then funding (either myself or MaidSafe can hold it until the event successfully happens, and then release to you if you’re the leader).

In your post, please put:

  • self introduction
  • Meetup goals / topic
  • guest speaker(s) if any (online / offline)
  • potential venues & cost
  • estimated audience size

This will all really help our community decide to excitedly fund it or not. Please post at your leisure thanks


I recall dirvine mentioning something about how node age is like an exponent, so the real world time it takes to reach age 255 is approximately 2^255 times longer than it takes to go from age 1 to 2.

It is interesting to contemplate how fast churn events could occur in the future. According to this model a churn event each nanosecond would still require about 1.83x10^60 years for a node to reach age 255. This example RFC was from a while ago, so some details might have changed.