MaidSafe Dev Update - February 23, 2017



Couldn’t agree more.

You would have thought I’d learn to not to worry and just have faith by this point. My jaw did drop for a second though.

Great update as usual. Fingers crossed for a smooth’ish ride to 12c.

Q2 this year looks set to be even more exciting that Q1 has been! There’s so much epic stuff on the horizon.

Congratulations on a successful Asian excursion; it looks like it was very worthwhile. :grinning: Looking forward to the vids.



This should be the MaidSafe team motto, if it isn’t already.


I’m in favor of giving all safecoin transactions a cost. Ideally any activity that could put a strain on SAFE should have an appropriate cost to the user making that activity.

Burning a safecoin in order to be able to send millions of others in any combination at any time seems worth it.

I imagine when safecoin is finally released, the price of a single safecoin could easily rise to the point where microtransactions directly with safecoin is infeasible.


Not with divisibility.


Cost isn’t the only way to prevent misuse!!

It’s a very bad way, in my mind, to achieve the global impact we want with SAFE!!

Most people don’t purchase millions or even hundreds of things in a day, so there is no reason we can’t use cooldown time after transactions, or solutions like that, to keep SafeCoin tx’s free!! So many options!


But there is no such thing as time in SAFE…

I’m sure we will find a way around that though.


Great job @maidsafe team. Please stay well. [quote=“maidsafe, post:1, topic:12612”]
Last week, @happybeing (again we must thank him for his amazing contributions to this project)

@happybeing you help in so many ways then one. Wondering when you will officially join the team.


Gee, way to not put any pressure on it :wink: .

But I am very flattered. Thank you. Happy you liked the FOSDEM talk. Parts of what is going to be recorded tomorrow, will resemble what I said there (namely the beginning) but then I’ll talk a lot more about our Data Types, how they work and what that means for Apps and Data Modelling and Design. I hope you’ll like this one, too. I’m very excited to give it!

Thanks! Are you in Berlin usually? I’m located here most of the time. Hit me up when you are back and we can go out and a grab a beer some time!


It would be great to see the part of the presentation on data types especially Ben! Good luck!


I’ll ping you/the forum as soon as it will be published :slight_smile: .


Keep up the great work !


Long overdue :grinning:


That is mutation. Is change of owner a mutation???

Also SAFEcoin can have its fee waived when change of owner occurs.

But if you want a “receipt” of a safecoin transaction then its only fair to pay the network for that. (user turns on ledger bit for that transaction).

Actually there is some cost to safecoin transactions

  • the actual cost of the safecoin themselves to move around.
  • the inherent limiting of the network for MD transactions. While very small wait time, there is still time required to change ownership of MD objects
  • And if my proposal for coin address storage (coin purse/wallet data structure) then there is a cost to create wallets to put the coin’s addresses into


I’m a bit of a troublemaker too :wink: , and if its not too much of a cliché, we’re all part of this team. But thank you for the sentiment (and you too @Southside). David and his team are the ones who really deserve credit though. I do what I do for fun and because I want to, and can dip in and out as I like.

The team are on a long road and just keep going with amazing resolve and productivity. I think sticking at one thing like this is a real challenge so I tip my hat to them. I’m sure though that it helps that they see the community here willing them on and pestering and helping each other out and so on. I hope to pester them in person at some point, say thanks and shake their hands.


Of course we all know that.

That doesn’t contribute at all… :angry:

Solutions could be basing it off of churn events, like one free transaction per churn, etc so many great options out there to choose from to still let the bottom billions of the global economy start to contribute and finally have a SAFE currency


Actually it does take time to get consensus for a transaction. So if one tries too great a transaction rate then they fail.

So for an actor to attempt to use safecoins to overload the system then they will need a ton of safecoins and accounts/wallets

This in itself is very much a limiting factor. Even using a botnet the bad actor needs tons of coins. And the larger the network the more coins they will need. We are not talking of 10 or 20 coins but millions and even at 20 cents each the bad actor to attack a reasonable sized network is needing 100(s) of thousands of $$$ to do the attack. Only when the network is very small (1000’s of nodes) an attack might just be affordable using safe coins.

It is much cheaper to keep mutating MDs and pay the PUT cost. And do it when the PUT cost is very very cheap.


Very good news!

Free SafeCoin transactions is definitely one of the most important parts of SAFE in my opinion at least.

However it can be achieved, I’ll support it! I just got worried when I heard MD wouldn’t have it, and assumed SafeCoin would be MD


Oh yes there is, we cannot sync time without a server (ntp) and we don’t use any server at all :wink: There are options and ideas though regarding network “clicks” but for now we have done everything with zero servers (ntp servers cna be hacked, they are nto as secure as we believe).


Another great update Maidsafe team, please stay healthy ants.

It’s really good to see things like MaidSafe Devcon 1 and have more of these around the world.:kissing_heart:

I’m so happy I’m out of words…


Yes I think we are in agreement