MaidSafe Dev Update - February 2, 2017 - Test 12

I’ve tried to connect to the network but failed. We need TEST 12b :stuck_out_tongue:

What I look for is a simple option to add a downloadable link to your safe://website and make the SAFE Browser download it. So if I create: safe://polpolrene/public/catmovie.mp4 that it’s possible to let other download that link using the right mouse click option or something. Like downloading a direct link on the normal internet.

I guess that’s exactly what you just linked to. Will test it next time. Thanks.


Yes, it downloads the video into your download folder. Works for me anyway… I’m not a professional by any means :grin:

Did you use the bootstrap ip @polpolrene


The mp4 bit is the work around so if you opened my site the video player plays an mp4 but the version that you download is an AVI.


Just got my new internet connection, and briefly tested the connection speed. My download speed is 14.1mbps and upload speed is 3.41 mbps. I’m bummed i wont be able to join the vaults from home in the early testing phase, but if the maidsafe team makes any changes to the baseline requirements, may I suggest 3 mbps upload speed. :sunglasses:

Will still try to run the vaults with hopes of connecting and to provide additional testing data for the team. 3 more days to go!

Is there still a way to get on the community TEST 12 ?? I’ve tried adding an IP to the Vault-config. But my Vault says RT to small.

Yeah vault is not working for me but if you change your launcher config you should still be able to login. I did within the last hour.

Edit… I’m out. Seeing the dreadful red.

hmmmm - it doesn’t work for me anymore now :open_mouth:
…and the output of my vault looks suspicious too …

i think test 12 finally died .__________.
i will miss her so much >.< … she was a wonderful testnet and an impressive amount of data&bandwidth-utilization


We need bootstrapped again…
Looks like it fell below a critical mass - bummer, just after I had arranged some server space down in Telehouse with awesome bandwidth … waaaah :scream:

willie@econoline:~/maidsafe/safe_vault-v0.13.0-linux-x64$ ./safe_vault 

INFO 22:27:26.990043567 [safe_vault]

Running safe_vault v0.13.0

INFO 22:27:30.264311332 [routing::states::bootstrapping] Bootstrapping(f0d3ca…) Connection failed: Proxy node needs a larger routing table to accept clients.
INFO 22:27:31.464942244 [routing::states::bootstrapping] Bootstrapping(f0d3ca…) Connection failed: Proxy node needs a larger routing table to accept clients.


It should be possible to start a new network. I actually just did and made a topic about it. But due to problems with my IP and port forwarding it couldn’t be done :weary:. But here’s a way it should work:

Before you do, make sure to edit the safevault.crust and to pick a name for the network.
Do the same with the SAFElauncher.crust

use your terminal to start a Vault using > safe_vault - f
the f means first and it let you start a network as a seed-node.

Add your IP to the hard coded contact list in both the safevault.crust and SAFElauncher.crust and share the details with the community. port 5483 on your modem should be forwarded to the computer or VM running the vault.

I guess that should work.


Thank you @polpolrene. I am very busy with RealLife and ProperJob today but I’ll try to get something done on this later this afternoon with the help of @dooglet.
We’ll make sure to read your other topic as well.

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I find this gets me through real life too.


I find that a couple of 5.5%ers gets me through the day but it doesn’t get me through the work.

Proper Job - very tasty but unconducive to productivity :slight_smile:


Can anyone tell me how it is going for Chinese users? About to put up a node in siem reap Cambodia.


Maybe @qi_ma can let us know how we got on, he is one of our devs based in Shanghai.


I’m trying to set up a local copy of everything to test but can anyone give me guidelines on how to set up and configure the SAFE vault? My primary disks on both machines are SSD’s and I want it to use the second drive in both cases.


Will it be a seed node as @polpolrene has described above?
If so . please share the IP.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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anyone have an estimate on when the new Authenticator and /or APIs will be ready for devs?

The hinderance would be documentation though. That part really needs to develop at pace to give devs a chance

I’ll suggest screen cap and annotation software to help. As modules are ready to go, you could get specific devs to volunteer to step through using trial versions of these programs. Once started, each mouse click produces a screenshot (croppable), then prompts for text annotation (So “Click ABC”) and outputs a software procedure document.

I have yet to try either, but have researched three:

  1. Stepshot.Net (good design, mid-price)
  2. (maybe cheapest)
  3. (most expensive)

Instead of taking hours to produce one doc, one of these Web apps would allow a developer to document one module in about 5 minutes.

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Test 12b is now online! You’ll need to download new binaries for SAFE Vault and SAFE Launcher.

See this forum post for more details:


Does anybody who pays close attention to github know if work on implementing data chains and node aging is underway or is it on hold until the 12 series tests are complete and successful?

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David has code for the datachain in his repo. I don’t check it that much because my guess is that routing needs to be stable first. I also have no clue how far the code is “done”. There were some commits in 2017. They’ve talked about internal discussions on datachain and node ageing in the last dev updates somewhere. But my guess is that Routing and the APIs are getting the most focus right now.