MaidSafe Dev Update - February 15, 2018

I know David spoke to this which tends to be definitive but I kind of hate that idea. Maybe hate is a understatement. MS freeloading on the data storage layer to feed more profit to its parasite investors- hell no! I know MS does Q compute development and some other good stuff but it also still makes the world keep paying for sht like Word. Maybe Word has gotten better but it descended into unuseability by progressively getting worse for 13 versions in a row.

Imagine the good if MS’s programmers could all be redirected to SAFE instead of whatever comparative waste of time they are working on now.



I’m navigating around for the first time and find the set up very pro and interesting. Happy to be a part of it and I will be spreading the news.
Good on ya’s.



From a long time maidsafecoin holder and supporter of the project. Great work on alpha 2.


Are the 6 milestones for completion of Alpha 3?

Yes, as far as I know they are.

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Very much like the diagram of the nodes and how they expand in a section as the network grows, lets me visualise the network growth like a image. I have had many thoughts about if the test with 580k added nodes and sections are sequential, random, normal distributed or if it even matters. Looks nice how the nodes and sections expands. Don’t hesitate to show more pictures like this in the future. Disclaimer, mentioned above are thoughts I have had and they may be of, because it goes a little byond my knowlege and understandings. :slight_smile:


Love the idea all around and wish you all the best. This is needed right now in a world where everyone is being spied on by the 1%. Willing to support in any way I can, financially or otherwise.