MaidSafe Dev Update - February 15, 2018

Looking forward to those videos!


I fully agree with this, that’s how I also see it and wish to have. I remember stop using at least one app because it was requesting all permissions…or nothing, as soon as I disabled/revoked one of the permissions the app would just not launch claiming that it needed them all.

At the moment apps can actually already do that (I think I covered how the app can do it here).
The challenge now I think is more from the UX perspective in the Authenticator, and that’s what we are trying to figure out now, as you said higher granularity should be much better but we should also make sure that is still simple enough for all users to understand, otherwise I imagine many users simply giving up and allowing all permissions to all apps indiscriminately. I know…we cannot make sure users take the time to understand the risks, but making it as easy as possible is what we should definitely aim at.


Dear Maidsafe team -

I think developing the entire ecosystem is great but I think for the investors in Maidsafe, the best approach would be to split the project into 2 components -

  1. Decentralized Storage - This could be leveraged by companies that have current applications and would utilize only the storage layer of maidsafe. This will give an opportunity for companies to explore the decentralized storage part of maidsafe and build apps on it using their existing technologies, web sites accessed by current web browsers etc. This would be huge from business standpoint and could lead to interesting partnerships for decentralized, secure storage.

  2. The second part of this project should include developing SAFE web sites, accessed by SAFE browser etc etc. The second component is essentially developing the entire ecosystem (for anyone interested).

I think the stand alone decentralized storage component of this project has huge potential on its own and should be marketed/pitched separately. It should not be clubbed with the entire ecosystem development as it may turn back a huge market.


Again, I am non-technical so if I am not making sense, please ignore. I just think that the decentralized storage part of this project is a multi-trillion dollar opportunity in itself.

Lastly, when safecoin is launched, please make it divisible. That will give more flexibility for people to use it and will help the price.

Excellent update. Thursday’s would not be Thursday’s without it. :slight_smile:


At the moment apps can actually already do that (I think I covered how the app can do it here).

I think there are two barriers here which will be difficult to overcome.

  • Developers don’t realise this is possible, and those which do will not know how to design for this approach, and even those who do will probably not do so unless there is pressure from users for this functionality, which brings in the second barrier…
  • Users won’t expect this or demand it, and it will be hard to ‘sell’ it as a benefit if it asks more of them than the current model, especially as that is what they will expect and understand.

Tough challenges!

Well worth trying though. I wonder if there are any precedents for this kind of change we could learn from (not in terms of auth, but in moving developer and user from one approach to another). I well remember Microsoft introducing the “this requires administrator privileges” message box and doing it quite badly. On the other hand, I also remember a similar “ask when needed” UI for a third party Widows firewall (can’t recall the name now) which turned firewall configuration from a PhD level task to something most users could do.


Great update, as always!! Can’t wait to see the vids & the new website.

Hey @gsingh2000, looks like you’re new here. Welcome! A couple of things…

I may be misinterpreting your point, but building the dapps/websites that will run on the SAFEnetwork is something that third party developers are and will work on. One great example of such is JAMS.

Safecoin will be divisibe. There are several topics on this. If you search for “divisible”, you can read up on all the relevant topics. :slight_smile:


Thank-you Sotros25. My main point was that the team should market the fact that if someone is not interested in using the safe browser or if someone has no intention to build a SAFE website/app and would like to instead only use existing web technologies as they do today BUT JUST USE the decentralized secure SAFE data storage layer, they could do that. Say Microsoft wants to build a new website accessible via IE 10 or Chrome - but only wants to use the SAFE decentralized Data storage layer, an example of such an application would be great. It will bring great attention to the project.

I’m following the Marketing section of the updates with keen interest. Whilst I am probably wrong about expecting Alpha 3 by the end of April, it looks like Maidsafe is putting down strong foundations for the future. Thumbs up guys and gals


Great progress happening! Thanks to the team and community for their passion, patience and persistence!

Like has been pointed out the permissions in Authenticator will definitely present UX challenges with convenience vs control (course grained vs granular). I’d be happy to help out with some thinking and collaborative wire-framing sessions. One approach that I’ve used is having course grained levels that have default bundles of permissions with more granular advanced permissions for those that want it, which is a common design pattern.

Onwards and upwards team!


These are in fact almost the same thing. Storage is storage, granted, but storage is addressable and due to that it can be anything, a video, program, OS, web page, binary file, library etc.

We do try and find parts to launch first, but beyond libraries it is very difficult really. The basic system that is being built right now for instance has no compute, no real smart contracts (no DSL yet), no mesh, no os boot, no archive nodes, no safecoin divisibility etc. So it really is basic in terms of what will be possible, but complex in itself as it is the foundation of a much larger system and one that I hope many more than maidsafe are involved in building all the parts for.

Then there are apps, like autonomous vehicle data sharing, medical research, medical record systems, voting systems, aggregated news and many more. Even now though with the current API’s people are building you tube type things, spotify competitors, virtual file systems, decentralised forums and many more, too many for me to mention form my deep and dirty day job in the guts of the consensus stuff.

In short we do keep looking and encourage everyone to do likewise, but I feel what we are trying to launch is the very beginning and I am not sure we can sub divide it any more. If we could we would though.


Good to see all these pieces coming forward!!

I really appreciate all MaidSafe and the whole community do to move this forward in a stable, rational way. It’s such a huge task that is starting to feel more “there” all the time.


Awesome progress. Better yet the summary in this post is actually understandable to the layperson and techie alike. :slight_smile: keep up the great work.


I totally concur with your thoughts on how Apps should be handled on the SAFE Network, and further some of the permissions should relate to resources such as use of memory, cpu %, network bandwidth (how much and even when. , time of day/week stuff…). just my 2 cents… :slight_smile: R2

for those wondering about the milestones:

Data chains being implemented. Yeah.


Sorry but this makes no sense. Web hosting is essentially just a file hosted on your own or another computer that you can view using your browser. If we have remote file storage then naturally we have web hosting. The only reason google drive or dropbox can’t act as web hosting is they use restrictive web apps but if you used a regular server you could. If you set up a laptop or a computer up as a server it would work just as well to run as a server at google to host a website. Maidsafe is attempting to decentralize the internet. That means allowing computers to connect directly to one another and share information directly with one another. It has already proven that self authentication works and that one can actually host simple websites using their proof of concept app. if one COULDN’T host sites then i’d assume that whatever they came out with next had failed so your proposal to market storage and web hosting seperately makes no sense since they are one in the same.


I know David spoke to this which tends to be definitive but I kind of hate that idea. Maybe hate is a understatement. MS freeloading on the data storage layer to feed more profit to its parasite investors- hell no! I know MS does Q compute development and some other good stuff but it also still makes the world keep paying for sht like Word. Maybe Word has gotten better but it descended into unuseability by progressively getting worse for 13 versions in a row.

Imagine the good if MS’s programmers could all be redirected to SAFE instead of whatever comparative waste of time they are working on now.



I’m navigating around for the first time and find the set up very pro and interesting. Happy to be a part of it and I will be spreading the news.
Good on ya’s.



From a long time maidsafecoin holder and supporter of the project. Great work on alpha 2.


Are the 6 milestones for completion of Alpha 3?

Yes, as far as I know they are.

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