MaidSafe Dev Update - December 21, 2017

Mr Dot com and Mr Mcafee may both be good guys and wanting the right things. But you have to remember that foremost they are after successful money making and their words are tailored for that.



are you guys gonna post it here:

Wondering what link I should advertise to the devs I know

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Recruitment for these roles will be managed by the team in India, Will, so not quite sure what the plan is yet re promotion. Are your dev contacts able to relocate to Chennai full time?


Oh not quite sure about that, but one of my SAFE-FS guys in Malaysia is from Chennai originally and I’m sure he can help spread the message somewhat within his circles. Sounds like Chennai is a good place for programming :slight_smile: Let me know if there’s any links or info you want him to share


yha yha yha… I appreciate your effort guys but when are you going to release the wallet for MaidSafeCoin? why do I have to keep my investments on exchanges?
You should of provided the wallet until now.

Also I’ve seen a great advance in your work but you should of release the test network by now. What happens with this delay… you work on this project for years…
Is this project real or is just an utopic project?

Hey @highlow - there is no reason to have your coin on an exchange

You just need to follow those steps to transfer maidsafecoin to another wallet only you have the private key to
Is there a complete idiots guide to buying maidsafecoin?

Also there have been a couple of test networks and the alpha 2 network is up and running right now - check out the apps that are online and ready to be tested ; but be sure you follow the link in the following update to the most recent binaries!


does the alpha2-version-safe-network could keep the data forever? or the data I upload would be lost in one future day…

who does known it?

No, data will be lost with each new Alpha. When it hits beta it should be stable though.


Hi Nick @nicklambert , is there any possitive news regarding hiring new staff?

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Hi, all the agencies we are working with are out of the office atm, we’ll provide an update during the next dev update on the 11th of Jan.


Thx MaidSafe Team, keep up the fantastic work! All the best wishes to y’all!

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@nicklambert , how come you said in the attached video say that the beta launch was to follow on year 2015 , how was that going to happen? if we are still fews steps from it in 2017?

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Those were our expectations at that time, but things have obviously taken longer than anticipated. As we’ve said previously, providing accurate timescales requires that you predict how long it takes to fix the problems you don’t yet have. A fools errand and the reason why we avoid this type of activity now.


Thanks for prompt response, one more question- are you planing to go to the BItcoin conference in the January? :wink:


No worries. No plans for any conferences in January.

I think there’s a Whisky conference in Glasgow in Jan…


hogmanay ? its an everything conference :slight_smile:

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Thanks to both @maidsafe and the community for all of the continued efforts this past year.

I hope the coming year will bring with it some positive opportunities, some time to relax, and, perhaps, a bit of luck. :slight_smile:


Happy new year Maidsafe! Last year brought good an exciting progress from Alpha 1 to Alpha 2. Through scaling up the team, Maidsafe showed that it knows how scaling works very well in contradiction to blockchain projects. :smile:, and as a result the speed of progress went up. But the best is yet to come, I have a good and strong feeling that 2018 will be a year of even greater and more exciting progress. The feeling is very strong that 2018 will be a moving year for the Safe network and that we will see some amazing things happen. With the new front end Office in India my analysis is that the confidence in the back-end progress is very strong and confident of significant breakthroughs in a not to distant future.