MaidSafe Dev Update – December 20, 2016


Thanks Maidsafe team for another great update.

Wow so much has been accomplish this year

Merry Christmas to the whole community you guys are the best

Let’s see if in 2017 we can reach 100K community members :stuck_out_tongue: because for sure we’ll have a SAFE Network with our superhero devs


Merry Xmas guys and thanks for all your hard work!

Enjoy some brief respite with your families and I look forward to seeing you change the world in 2017. All this work will be one of the most worthwhile things anyone has ever dedicated their time to if you can get it right. After all, it’s the seed of a total paradigm shift for society as well as for data. It can’t come soon enough, but we all understand there are no shortcuts on the road to greatness :triumph: Good luck!


Thanks for all the hard work over the past year and here’s to 2017.


The last months I worked on my Social, Realtime, Decentralized Energy app and the first PoC live. The idea is that if you consume a kWh of energy you buy it directly on the market from a producer of energy, this can be the solar panels from your neighbor, a windmill in your town or coal power plant when there is no sun or wind available. My house is already producing more energy then I consume and my profile picture is the awesome Zero SR electric motorbike. I investigate Bitcoin, Ethereum, IOTA and Safenetwork and Ill think the last is the best option for this service.

The coming months I start testing with end users and I want to port my Social Energy app to Safenetwork.

Ill be ready when you are ready… :slight_smile:

Thank you for all the hard work on Safenetwork this year, enjoy the Xmas and 2017 will be as least as exciting as this year.


@Yerontour this project sounds awesome! Any particular place we could learn more or should we just wait for the unveiling on the safe network? :smile:


Ill let you know when it’s running on safenetwork…Alpha 2…? :smile: But when it goes live I want to make it open source.


Thanks for all the amazing effort from the MAIDsafe team! 2016 has truly been an incredible year with all your accomplishments. Enjoy a well deserved break and make sure to power-off fully so that you are able to return with full steam in 2017 which I am confident will be an even bigger year with more accomplishments. Thanks for all the hard work and transparency in the fight to make this world more fair, decentralized and private for us all. Merry Xmas to the whole team and the amazing community members!


And Happy Birthday to you @Jabba !!!


We don’t have the DataTypes we had before like AppendableData and StructuredData. Now we have MutableData and ImmutableData only.

safe-js is a third party library and @joshuef can explain better about this one.

As far the browser DOM apis are concerned, the approach will be the same. APIs will be injected to the safe: pages. But definitely the APIs will change for the same reason I just mentioned. As you would be knowing, we had to change the DataTypes to allow apps to scale easily.

We understand how the design actually turns out when we start using it, the various scenarios come across and also from the varied inputs from the community. We do regret for breaking changes and in the early stages it becomes unavoidable at times. These changes definitely fill the gaps we identified from previous releases. safe_app module will be much easier to use and understand, when it is ready and tested.

2017 should be a smooth sail :tada:

Pre-Dev-Update Thread! Yay! :D

Happy holidays for the whole team. Thanks for your continuous efforts of making the world a better place! Take a well deserved break with friends and family :slight_smile:


Many thanks for all the hard work!.. have a good break :smiley:


Great work done in 2016. Thank You for the summary!
Looking forward to next level in 2017 :slight_smile:


Have nice holidays, team and community! 2017 is gonna be an exciting year!



thank you very very much!

i’m very sorry i didn’t have much time lately to do anything directly safe-related Oo …
… so much to do … so little time …

but I’ll be back as soon as my life allows for that :open_mouth: … in the meantime i’ll slowly but steadily will follow this process and try to help out where i can :slight_smile:
my python skills are improving and my next crappyApp will be way better than the last one :grin: (and waaaaay better than the one before that xD )

Thank you very very much for all your hard work @MaidSafe and i’m looking forwad to an incredible year 2017!!!


Wish you warm holidays and happy new year to the MaidSafe team!
May 2017 be the best year!

Gabriel Stratan


That is already being used in the energy industry, they are known as RECs (Renewable Energy Certificates)


Awesome post @frabrunelle and super job to all the team & contributors. Best for the Holidays. :santa:


Maidsafe’s the most exciting project out there, happy christmas all!


Best project I ever witness since early day of bitcoin. Keep up the work guys, and have a good holidays.


I agree with Nigel, this sounds brilliant!

Happy holidays everyone! For everyone not celebrating… have a great weekend!