MaidSafe Dev Update - December 14, 2017

Way better. The modest technical geniuses bit is spelt incorrectly btw… (1:28 in)

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The browser asks me for an invitation token. Where can I find this?

Go to


This deserves it’s own thread, tbh.

Well done presentation.

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Love the background music. Great video

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Great! nick! looking forward dev update!

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Thats awesome! Are you aiming toward techy people?
because Its pretty technical. I don’t think the average person would grasp much from it.

Thank you JPL.
I realised I already claimed my token.
When I try to enter a URL in the Safe Browser it opens up in Chrome but nothing happens in the Safe Browser (e.g. http://me.advanced.safenet).
How can I test the browser?

You can only browse safe:// sites. There are a number listed here:

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I understand, just wanted to give you actual feedback than the usual “oh I like it” line, which doesn’t really help you.