MaidSafe Dev Update - December 14, 2017

Thanks, guys! You understand what I mean :slight_smile: kind of like a place I could send my parents or something (who use computers and ipads and stuff) but don’t know the nitty gritty! Thanks again!

Just my thoughts but some of the terminology seemed to cheapen the branding of Maidsafe, like “was previously top 8 cryptocurrency”. That only makes you question why previously? What went wrong? The video also seemed to drag at some points and overall I don’t think the music was a good choice. It didn’t feel like something I would listen to when discovering ground breaking tech.


Any progress on this front? Quick fix or unexpectedly complicated?

True. I can’t stress how quickly we made this :stuck_out_tongue: one day, zero drafts, I just read the Thursday update and tried to get something ready on Friday before their weekend break.

So yeah, lots of changes and finalisations to be made. Great feedback everyone thanks very much


Hi @nicklambert could you give us an small insign on the ongoing/ coming presentations for some companies, events etc. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I also got our old designer back on our team, if SMM, etc images will be needed soon :slight_smile:

Always looking to help. Team is expanding and improving rapidly.


That ‘a’ really looks like an ‘n’

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Hi @dirvine could you give us an brief update on the data chains, are we progressing so that the alfa 3 is nearing or still some hard work to be done ?

Jumping in for @dirvine as he is super busy atm. We’ll post a dev update out tomorrow as usual so if you check that out you’ll understand where we are at. We put a lot of effort into the updates to provide quite a lot of depth so providing further additional updates beyond this is probably not the most efficient way for us to balance keeping everyone updated and actually developing the network. I hope this makes sense. Cheers!


Ok, thansk. How about the question to you i wrote yesterday- 3 replies earlier in same topic. Could you answer.Thanks!

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Sure, sorry about that. We have a couple of meetings in January but nothing we can talk about right now. The Google meeting was different as they were quite open about letting people know whereas most other companies prefer to play things closer to their chest. Regards events, we are considering a couple of international conferences, but nothing immediately. We get asked to quite a lot of things, and while these things would be good for raising awareness I would prefer that we go to events (which are often pretty expensive as more often than not they would not cover travel and accommodation) which are specific to our immediate use case, so more decentralised web type conferences would be ideal. Closer to home @Ketch will be getting some meet ups organised in the New Year, these will likely be in Edinburgh initially and then we see about going to other parts of the UK and beyond.


Thanks. Hope you are aware that maid is ranked nr 63 right now and that means that most of the crypto world folks doesnt know this project and thats a pitty. Hope you are going to accelerate with all this marketing stuff. Same as it goes with hiring new people , seems to be a problem there, AS you cannot find the relase manager etc. for some months now.

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I dont know about rankings, but that can change pretty quickly. I imagine Maid’s turn will come and when it does you won’t have any issues.

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I’m coming to the conclusion that crypto investors are impatient types. But only if I had known about Maid 3 years ago. A x80 times return is nothing to be sorry about


It is not a pitty. It is an opportunity.


Depends from which point you look at it. For maidsafe which already started few months ago to state focus on that they want to be more recognissed in the crypto space its a bad result

So in a hypothetical world if vaults or test Safecoin launched tomorrow and this thing flew into hyperdrive (pretty reasonable chance) your theory about awareness goes out the window…there are plenty of assumptions being made in your statement based on an apples to apples comparison of MAID v every other project in crypto.

You are also assuming they are struggling to hire people, ever consider it’s more likely needing to hire the right people and they need to be extremely discerning in this process???

Market cap at #63 a pity why? Is being number 23 or 13 going to make this thing go live quicker??? If so please let me know I’ll join in the market cap chorus (sorry pet peeve of mine not personal, maybe an older head can put it more succinctly).

Your assuming they need to accelerate their marketing? Well maybe give them a chance to, the wheels are slowly turning but if your expecting tier 1 or 2 marketing maybe come back in 12 months as you might be getting frustrated until then.

So many crazy assumptions are made these days about this particular project just because it exists in the crypto space. There’s nothing wrong with thinking a project should follow ’xyz’ path but the progress in the creation of this network really shouldn’t be compared or measured against any other project out there because well it’s not even close to being similar to any of them.

@Cryptoskeptic makes a simple but good point, returns on this project are fantastic compared to most other alternatives unless you choose to pick a hyper inflated manipulated pool of crap coins to be measuring your expectations against.

Not saying your totally wrong @maidsafe would be the first to admit they could have done better at times but maybe consider what actually drives and shapes your own opinions in the first place, a lot of the time our own bias/greed gets in the road of how we normally would otherwise think, I’m guilty of that at times myself.


@beermenow You couldn’t be more right about the tech behind the coin. While I enjoy trading crypto and coins, I invest a lot of time as well checking out the real possibilities of different platforms. The potential here is very good.

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After years of talking about bitcoin my brother finally started to listen because of the price rise. Then he asks what has the most potential and I said there are a handful that will make it out the other side on top and most don’t align with most ideals of the people in this space but MAID is my favorite for a million reasons. So he reads some troll boxes or some crappy YouTube videos and says all these negative surface things :roll_eyes: I was like did you not hear anything I said about the tech and it’s novelty in design? The potential it has? So I guess in 5 Years he’ll listen like he is now with Bitcoin. His loss imo.


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