MaidSafe Dev Update - December 14, 2017

This very thing is in the early stages of discussion at the moment @Guybrows. We’ll provide more details once we have things a little more fleshed out.


So are we getting a vaults from home test network seperate from and prior to data chain/alpha 3 test networks?

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No, unfortunately these will be crust binaries to make small projects like telehash type messaging etc. It is to test crust in many situations with many routers. So not vaults but this is parts of the project completion we hope and providing tools for other projects to make use of. Here it will be secure connections between computers in a p2p network.

I would like to add a simple overlay on crust to make telehash type networks for everyone, but make these secure and reliable. So perhaps a standard kademlia overlay or similar. It would be neat to see released projects running this kind of code.


Yes, totally.

“Core error: Unexpected: Could not connect to the SAFE Network” is definately not the kind of message which you want to communicate to new users.
Before I randomly stumbled upon this hint, I spent several - pointless - attempts to connect and try this SAFE thing.

I think it’s a good idea to either communicate clearly to the user what went wrong (and what they could do to improve it) or to not communicate any details at all. With this error message, I assumed the network “core” or something has a problem and that I just have to keep trying in good faith.

Ok, now that my frustration is out of the way:

How can I change / update my IP? I saw that option right in the beginning somewhere but cannot find it now.

My provider changes my IP once every 24 hours.

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Thank you! That helped.

Suggestion: Instead of showing the pointless “Core error” message, show the clickable link.


I agree. Many of my guys were always confused and lost by that message. It’s a bit misleading


Rigged up a quick demo with my video team.

I knew expanding my marketing team would come in handy :slight_smile: literally have 4 amazing people right now, to do exactly all these things quoted above.

If MaidSafe needs help with marketing, SAFE-FS is here to play it’s part. Hope to help long term and fill needs that MaidSafe might have in these areas.

Hope it can lead somewhere. Always here to help.

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Uuuuh - I love the clip =D


That’s a top quality production. :clap: I particularly like “unstoppable net neutrality through encryption”. How about mentioning SAFE Network (brand & logo) in the next one?


There was a listing for a job with maidsafe a while ago I can’t find anymore for a ‘release engineer’ or something similar-sounding. Is this still a thing? It sounded like the most incredible job - working on features that allow an autonomous network to upgrade itself and automatically choose the direction it wants to take and how to manage conflicts and self-heal etc … totally incredible (if somewhat romanticised just here)!

But on a related note, has maidsafe looked into deterministic build systems like gitian? I would think verifiability is going to be extremely important when upgrading an autonomous network. The whole topic of upgrading is fascinating to me but seems under-discussed.

Thanks for the support throughout this topic from the community. I really like working on the network especially without any sort of special inside knowledge. To me that’s what makes it such a strong project, because it’s open source and maidsafe holds themselves accountable by those same ideas which make other successful open source projects work so well.

I’m excited to see the outcome of this. Frustrating though it is to be excluded from the internal discussions, it’s nice to be able to work with what comes out of it and a fresh perspective ‘away from the trenches’.


Apply for it! Join the team @mav no doubt they can use you :slight_smile:


Wish I could like your post twice :+1:


Is there something/somewhere I can direct people to see all info RE: maidsafe and what its about in a non-technical matter?. I have found people have been really interested in it.

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I think there are a few places to read up more about the network. There are the system docs as well as some other intros that have been put together over the last couple of years, I was recently reminded of this one by Ephi Blanshey. I think we do have a know deficiency with regard to providing an easy to understand and up to date explanation of the networks main aspects, something that we will be working on over the next few months.


This also provides a good overview at a high-level


This is the link I usually share first. @JPL created it and updates it so it has stood the test of time :slight_smile:


Agree that this is nicely put together Will. As @JPL mentioned it would be good to have these more SAFE Network focussed rather than MaidSafe and we should also be careful about referring to MaidSafeCoin as an investment, but nice work. We look forward to releasing the first CEP later this week.


Definitely agree. This was just the first version but I wanted to get it out before their weekend, as they are off. Will have a edited version this week :+1: and more on the way! I’ll remember those points.


Excellent, thanks Will.