MaidSafe Dev Update - August 31, 2017 - Test 19


OP means original post, which is the first post in the topic.

It contains the link to get the invite.


High chance :smiley: .,…,…,.


Yes, I made this video for TEST 17, and most of it applies to the current TEST 19 also:


Oh… let me know if you are!!


Thanks man, I appreciate the video link.,

I think this should work, can anyone test it for me?





Thanks, much appreciated.


This is actually a really good video. Anyone who is having trouble should follow this first.


Hi, anyone who is a techo care to comment. There doesn’t appear to be much noise around Test 19. Does that mean Alpha 2 is looking good


So do I need to create 30 new topics in the forum before I’m able to use/search for bugs in test19? :’(


No, just a bit off scrolling around and you should be good quite fast.


I’m having a couple of errors when I load the SAFE Browser. I’m going to put here the screenshots (I’ve opened already a ticket in github for this, but just in case someone knows how to fix it…)


I just replied to you on github, please give it a try:


Damn, these developers answer really fast! :smiley: Ok, let’s continue conversation in github


Nice touch added when opening a safe link in a clearnet browser. It now opens a pop up asking if you want to open safe browser.


Hi there, I looked at your profile and you have the “Basic” badge, which equates to “Trust Level 1”.

Also, “OP” is either Original Post or Orignal Poster"


good wok.

still get no trust level 1


Do some reading of the forum, read though different topics and you will get there quick enough.


Agree! System running great !


I haven’t been able to tinker yet but what does the template website look like in the new web hosting manager? Anyone have a screen shot?