MaidSafe Dev Update - August 31, 2017 - Test 19


Well done looking forward to Completion of 19.


Gambateh!Gambateh! :muscle:


Always looking forward reading all the comments from the community since I don’t understand the update. It is through theirs words that I understand what is happening to the team. Thank you maidsafe team for the hardwork!!


Okay, I feel like an idiot asking this but could you define your terms please? I’m reading the change log and going “Wow that’s awesome! I have no idea what you are saying… mostly.” I think the one thing on there I understood for certain was enforcement of one client per IP. The rest is varying degrees of “What?”

What is localization?


Awesome update. Will play arround this long weekend. Localisation is support for supporting multiple languages as per your region.


It is having the app appear differently in different locals…like different languages, character sets, etc

edit: oops, didn’t notice comment above already answered


English language support only. Got it. Works for me though I think the Chinese will have to rough it for awhile.


Sorry - localisation is NOT supported, so please don’t localise the spelling of ‘localisation’ on the forum out of solidarity with the test network and its current limitations :wink:


Hahah… We need yours eyes to catch more bugs in test19…


Wow this was posted 7 hrs ago?

Just woke up right now in Kuala Lumpur… Going to be hard to provide live Q&A sessions at 3-4am every Thursday… hmm…

Anyway, amazing update. Basically Alpha 2 already :smiley: This is huge. Glad to see powerful version numbers on the software too, v0.5.0 ,v0.2.0 etc. Been hodling for years, ignoring all the 300x in ETH etc, knowing it will be peanuts compared to what we’re building here with the SAFE Network, not just in terms of money.

Great to see so many powerful pieces of tech released, the @maidsafe team have really been listening to us over the weeks and months, with the release of the complete dev playground (thanks @hunterlester), and the HTML file which is what I’ve always been trying to achieve with my APP ZERO repo. Amazing stuff.

lol, so cheeky Spandan :stuck_out_tongue:

and come on Mark you have more fans than that :smiley: (me)


Must be a Brit … :wink:


Looks like we are arriving to the goal. :slight_smile:


Howdy Foks…total noob for my first TestNet, so on with the dumb questions :wink:

Is there a post that shows, us noobs, what to do first on/with a Testnet? I got connected and used my token to get in.
I also downloaded the sample items, but unsure how to get them up and running.

I am not a developer…yet, but want to learn about the SAFE stuff, for sure.


bleep ! bleep ! imminent internet transmogrifying ! bleep ! bleep !

Now, that sounds really serious man




is alpha2 likely to come with vaults we can run from home?


Definitely not. It will be testnet 19 renamed or very similar


What’s the process from here (simpified)?

  1. Check test19 for issues
  2. Fix any issues (hopefully patching rather than new test)
  3. Announce Alpha2
  4. Start work on test 20 (with alpha 3 feature requirements)

I assume the Alpha 2 announcement could possibly be next week but more likely not if there are any issues that need resolving.


@hunterlester, does share MD works on app own container too?

Great work btw, keep it up!


I just changed that part to:

Increase the maximum number of allowed entries in a Mutable Data object from 100 to 1000.

It should be a bit clearer now :slightly_smiling_face: