MaidSafe Dev Update - August 3, 2017 - Test 18


Small update:

Proxy nodes are currently getting restarted to apply a patch to resolve an issue. Cheers for that @Joseph_Meagher . This issue would have prevented clients reconnecting to the network for about 2 hours after disconnecting from the network, especially if all proxy slots were utilised in the last session.

This should hopefully be complete in about an hour (each node taking about 3 mins each for 20 nodes). Not all nodes will be offline at the same time, we’re trying to do it slowly to prevent wiping the network data. Will update here once its complete or if we need to do a full restart of the network including data(hopefully doesn’t need it).

EDIT: Restart complete. Proxy nodes should be updated now.

Can't get TEST 18 & 17 to work

It sounds like that was another good test for data retention! :slight_smile:


A website I made safechat.jam only works if the JavaScript with safe api is loaded through the console if you are accessing it directly from the safe network it fails but it works fine if you access it from localhost with the main.js here is its github
P.s. I know the index.HTML has main.js commented out in the safe net version, It breaks the safe API if I leave it in

Edit: The first function initialise is in a self-invoking function so starts immediately maybe safe js API hasn’t loaded yet


This would be the case if it has not loaded yet. Your initialise function should be last in the file, or at least after all the functions it calls.


Hi @Joseph_Meagher, when you say it fails what do you exactly mean? is the function on main.js being invoked at all? or it fails when invoking any of the safeApp functions within it? Perhaps you can add some logging to see what is exactly happening.


WTH does this mean image


This is the error i get

You can go to safe://qqq.qqq to check out the error yourself


The index.HTML asks for the main.js file at the end of the body tag


Thanks, I raised a ticket to track it.


I am running the SAFE web API playground on localhost and it keep downloading safe_proxy.pac over and over again in chrome when I click on things. Apart from that it works.

Another issue that’s just with the API playground is that if there’s an error, there’s a spinning loader that doesn’t go away until I reload the page.


Yes I keep on getting asked if I would like to save a pac file also… I remember getting it also on some of the latest test nets



i would like to be useful, but as there is no vault testing available i’ll sit it out until there is…

fully understand its the sexy user end that needs most work, but it would be nice for us boring famers to have some play time too!!

I’ve got a nice fresh data centre ubuntu box with a fat unlimited connection just waiting to be used…

Rup :wink:


I am having the same problem as @draw
Even after hitting set-ip button.

Could you elaborate more on firewall.



I am getting account does not exist when I log in. I have registered using invitation token. Any ideas.


Did you first create an account? If not, click the A(authenticator) toolbar button, then click Create Account…


Yeah i am certain I did but if i try to create again using token it says token is already used. I could be losing it though as I am sleep deprived from the arrival of a baby maidsafer.


@intrz @Matt you have to edit the proxy settings of your internet browser (e.g. chrome or IE) and remove the link to this proxy file in the advanced settings.


Downloading the pac file is certainly an issue. We don’t need the .pac file any more. Will fix this issue in the upcoming release.


Eager to start having a look at Test 18 but get …
This testnet is currently limited to forum users who are at least Trust Level 1
Currently on level 1 - help.

OK - I’m in. Ignore the above.
Cheers :slight_smile:


You are on Level 1, so you should be good to test :+1: