MaidSafe Dev Update - August 24, 2017

Aww, thank you. I have a fan! :slight_smile: But don’t be concerned, I have no plans to stop though may wind down now and again. I’d like to have another go at the API and my remoteStorage.js port, so when I do you may see a hiatus.

This is such a great community. :sunny:


Would it also be possible for the Web Hosting Manager, email app and SAFE wallet app to share the same public ID? So in the SAFE wallet’s case your public ID, becomes one of your pubkeys to receive SAFEcoin.
Of course to know the pubkey one must have the privatekey, but it could work maybe like the Onename scheme. You can link a human readable name to a bitcoin address and receive btc on that human readable name.

If this is possible then that also means that I can donate to a website through their public ID, right?


Haha! I can relate :smile:

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Some ideas stand out. I don’t really like the amount of time I spend here, it cuts in to other parts of my life. I can’t help it though, I’m hooked on the idea of SAFE and blown away by the implications. I thought it would wear off after a while, but nearly two years on and I still think about it constantly. A SAFE paradigm shift would impact everything! And the nature of the impact is so potent and empowering. It’s hard to exaggerate the potential disruption from something like SAFE, or the good it could do.

The only other crypto project that has ever given me goosebumps was BTC the first time I took on board what it really was and what it did. I was immediately hooked on the idea and the implications. It did not take me long to find SAFE and upgrade my cryptopium of choice :sweat_smile: If something better comes along I will carry on chasing that dragon and upgrade again, but for now this is the strongest, cleanest and best high I can get from the ‘decentralise’ movement’s menu :yum: I’m not here out of loyalty or habit. I’m just here because this sh1t is genuinely exciting and I can’t help myself.


Same condition here. When I didn’t know about the project properly I thought it was a small project and would be done in few months if not days. Now as I am going deeper and deeper, having chats over forum, reading more and more I am understanding the difficulty and how much effort the team is putting through. Just think about this, the team is so busy that David even declined Pizza treats :wink:.

I just want to let the team know that we all appreciate the effort and I know they would pull off the project no matter what. Specially when we have someone as stubborn as David. Best wishes and I, personally, am with them till the end.


Right here! :stuck_out_tongue:

In the current code an “accumulator” node collects signatures for each message that requires group consensus. Once enough signatures have been collected, the accumulator broadcasts the message and the signatures to as many nodes in the section as it can. The accumulator tells these nodes about who it has sent the message to using a simple set of node names that we call the sent_to list. If any node receives a signed message from an accumulator and notices that the sent_to list is missing a known node, then it will swarm (re-send) the message to all such nodes. You can see the sent_to list (set) in the code here:

Now, the problem with the above approach is that nodes receiving such a message have to believe that the accumulator told the truth when it constructed the sent_to list. If the accumulator lies, then it can pretend to have sent the message to more nodes than it actually did, and nobody will know that the message needs to be swarmed to their peers. The easy fix is to just get rid of the sent_to list and swarm every message received, but this would require O(n2) single messages to be sent. Instead, we’d like to keep the number of messages sent low, whilst removing the issue mentioned. A few of the solutions we’ve been thinking about involve including signatures in the sent_to list, so that nodes sign something to say they received the message, and everybody else can verify this without trusting the accumulator. We’ve also been considering a few more varied ways to send messages, including gossip protocols, which would be a bigger change, but might also allow us to decrease the number of connections per node, and thus scale up the size of sections (which is good for security).


@Nigel How long do you think we will be running Alpha 2 once its up… ???

@bit I’m not an official of any sort just a regular here but I do recall David saying that Alpha 2 would likely run concurrently with Alpha 3 (to test data chains part 1). I think the point of this is Alpha 2 is very much for developers to test their apps on and for the public to see what devs showcase and test themselves, where Alpha 3 might be suited for data chains (part 1) testing such as IoT. How far away is Alpha 3? I don’t think anyone can pin the tail on that donkey :smile: but the team has been growing and their progress is starting to seem exponential. Just keep in mind a lot of unforeseen things can happen that alter plans and this is all just stuff I’m regurgitating the best I can that I pick up here.

So that and the fact there was some flack given for Alpha 1 coming down early is a good indication of it being up until it’s time to make a bigger leap, my guess is Alpha 2 & 3 will come down for Alpha 4.

Read this a couple posts down Will alpha 2 be online for an extended period of time once released?


@Nigel Thanks for comments… I have only been on board SAFE for a few months but loving the whole SAFE project… :slight_smile:


All done except for this one

Feeling/hoping we have 19 before the next update.


Hello, kinda new here!
Just wanted to ask, when the Test comes out, will my SAFE launcher connect to the network and i will be able to see what SAFE is all about/farm? I love the idea behind MaidSafe but i dont understand this.

Thanks for any advice or help.

No, the launcher was for previous iterations. The newer tests use the browser with integrated authenticator to connect to the network and give permissions to apps to access storage, etc.

You can’t farm until Safecoin is implemented (at the time of beta, so at least a few months yet, possibly more). But you can create a website, upload and download files and use the various experimental apps.


You must use the binaries that are released for the test. Old binaries will not work properly or at all.

Will test 19 be released this week?

Probably. But you can never be sure :slight_smile:

So, can now I download the launcher and start using the net?

It’s the SAFE Browser now (Launcher is no more) but I suggest you wait for Thursday’s update (tomorrow evening UTC) because it’s likely the existing test and binaries will be replaced and you’d have to do it all again.


Thanks for reply, but I’m feeling lost…


I downloaded the launcher but It doesn’t connect.

Where can I find / DL the browser?
About redoing from scratch, no problem, more repetition = more learning

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Added info;

Here there is a very old link … (0.8.0)

but the latest is (0.11.0)

I’ll retry with this…

It means waiting for a little, but the best is to keep up with the dev updates and when the next testnet is announced then follow the directions and download the binaries that are linked to in that dev update.

DO NOT use the launcher ever again. It is no longer a part of SAFE

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