MaidSafe Dev Update - April 5, 2018


Would something like this be usefull for every Dev Update?


I think I might need squared stickers :heart_eyes:


I’ve created an A4-sheet for printing on sticker paper. I’ll do this for every update and upload it to the dropbox folder :smiley:


why so many errors and untreated Java Exceptions…
the testnet and Alpfa2 should of been up and running by now.
Also not to mention the replacement of Maid with Safecoin.
I don’t find anywhere written of how the consensum of the SafeCoin will be done. Is POS ? who will validate your transaction?


What are you meaning. Alpha 2 has been running for a while now.


in your roadMap you didn’t pass Alpha2.
And another thing…what is with this browser development…
Previously I could connect to Maid test network with Firefox on a given proxy…and now I have to use a special browser


Which means we are at alpha 2 now. If we were past it then alpha 2 would be finished and we would be near alpha 3 wouldn’t we.


Firefox does not provide the security. SAFE is about the user being able to be in control of their data and not leaking their data to others. All the current browsers due to accessing the current web leak your data everywhere, from DNS access (what sites you visit) to tracking info to giving facebook, google, twitter info on the sites you visit because the sites have those share images on them.


ok…but still this is not a good approach since SafeNet should be used with every browser and not with only 1 browser.
Second…since you admitted you didn’t pass Alpha 2…you didn’t answer to my question…when is it going to be finished and what kind of a consensum Safe coin has


When its finished and not before.

In other words it will run till it is shut down because alpha3 is ready to be run up.

If you read the updates then you will know as much as I do.

Did you mean consensus?

Safecoin is handled by the network itself when its implemented during the beta releases. Test coin first.

Network consensus is the basis of safecoin consensus since the coin are individual data objects stored on the network, and so the consensus that occurs within sections also protects safecoin.

It might help to read the primer on the SAFE network. The SAFE Network Primer: An Introduction to the SAFE Network

PS. Safenet is owned by another company not associated with crypto. We are now calling the network either SAFE or SAFE network

Please note that I didn’t answer

because the question you asked was

So I answered why alpha 2 was not up and running since you obviously thought it had not started yet