MaidSafe Dev Update - April 26, 2018

Hi all, we’re still buzzing from SAFE DevCon 2018 on Monday of this week. Thank you all for attending, watching and commenting online - and of course a huge thanks to each speaker who presented on the day. It was a pleasure for the MaidSafe team to share the stage with you. It was amazing to see the community come together and we’re happy to reveal that planning has already started for a bigger and better SAFE DevCon 2019….

You can read further about SAFE DevCon in our most recent blog post. The videos of the individual talks will be out within the next week or so (subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified when they’re posted). And in case you missed the big news, please head on over to take a look at our new DevHub, read about our licensing announcement and of course please do watch and share the new Safecoin video.

With the global MaidSafe team together at HQ in Scotland for the first time ever, we had a packed weekend of activities, together with the preparations and follow-ups from SAFE DevCon. On top of that, the majority of the team has been travelling back home this week - in some cases literally to the other side of the world - so we’re not going to put out a full weekly Dev Update today.

But never fear, next week, things will be back to normal. So in the meantime, we heartily recommend that you all go and congratulate @happybeing who has been working tirelessly on his SOLID plus SAFE integration (as presented at SAFE DevCon 2018) and got some well-deserved support from none other than Sir Tim Berners-Lee himself last night! If you haven’t already, there’s something to shout from the rooftops.

It’s been a huge week for the SAFE Network. Thanks as ever for your support :grinning:


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Edit - Haha I just got online and finally beat everyone :smiley: . Now time to read this lol.

Edit Edit - Hopefully safe travels for all on the team, and glad happybeing got some rep from the creator of the web! Tim has a net worth around 50 mil but could have easily been a trillionaire, but his greatest achievement for humanity he gave for free :slight_smile:.


Congratulations @happybeing and that is a big supporter to have behind you. Big milestone for the whole SAFE team being at their HQ for the first time in bonny Scotland, must feel amazing for you guys and gals.

CONGRATS SAFE TEAM and keep the train rolling!!! :star_struck:


Congratulations on a fantastic week.

I’m sure the team & comminity have bonded more closely after coming together face to face. Must beat hangouts by a long shot!

I’m excited to see what DevCon 2019 will be like, and I expect it’ll have quite a different feel with the network & projects having taken some significant steps forward.

Brilliant that Mark’s work has been recognised in this way as well.

Here’s to an amazing year for MaidSafe team & community!


Yes congratulations @happybeing - let’s hope some able developers jump on board now and help the SAFE / SOLID partnership quickly onto its next stage. And well done everyone who presented on the day, I’m slowly catching up on YouTube, looked like an amazing event.


Thanks Dug and everyone for your congratulations and acknowledgements. I’m quite surprised to receive all this, having just been doing my thing - what I enjoy - the whole time.

I was just pleased to be a part of this community, and a part of the DevCon, and… the last 24 hours has exceeded all my hopes.

I have wanted to get Tim up to speed on SAFEnetwork for a long time, and while it was great just to have his help once we’d made contact, he is now wanting to dig deeper and has been very complimentary about the tiny contribution (in the scheme of his work and David’s work) that I’ve made the subject of my DevCon talk.

It really doesn’t get better than this for me. And the best part is that all I’ve been doing is what I enjoy, and what I want to do.

And again, thanks to all who made that such a fantastic DevCon. And I mean all! :slight_smile:


Great work, @happybeing! :grinning:

Glad the DevCon gave the team a boost! You all deserve it and I can’t wait Tom see what’s the coming months and years bring!


Congratulations @happybeing. Great work!


I’m really happy the DevCon meeting went well! Congrats to all the participants, and also to happybeing.


Now get back to work! The world is not going to save itself. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


You mean:

:smiley: , I will show myself out now haha…



                                     Thanks that was really really funny!



I thought that this update will be full of info from DevCon2018 concentrated in one big post.

btw. Last week update:
It’s a slightly unusual week this one…
…we’re not going to make the usual Dev Update this week.

“SAFECoin, the first crypto currency / technology community to be complimented by the inventor of the web. Bright future ahead for the next internet.”

This should be a leading story on crypto news websites.

Edit: changed “internet” to “web”


Thanks Maidsafe devs for a super concert, you guys rock and great job done by the organizers.

Congrats @happybeing



I don’t mean to nitpick, but I want to say out loud that Devcon was work, and very important peace of work too.


I was very impress by Decorum Team presentation. Well Done.


Not sure where else to put this thought:

Maybe there should be month-long goals at the beginning of every month. (Maybe not a separate update thread for each month, though.) Not solely weekly update threads, as great as they are. I feel like everyone gets into a flow state, focusing heavily on not as comprehensive of a coding construct; and the weekly update is simple constructive/informational hindsight. But there could be some mental cohesion gained in the communal mind as far as what to focus on, even as far as what the developers are coding, should even a mere monthly goal list be added. Thus churning out a better result, all around. (Unless it is too much information to put to mind when there’s already copious work?) It’s perhaps similar to how focusing on week-to-week financial budgets is much more ill-prepared compared to focusing on month-to-month (or even year-to-year, but that sounds too crazy for an engineering project). Or even a chunk of months (Quarters? or perhaps even “Fifths,” lol.) I had this thought based on the fact that much goals-oriented chatter revolves around what will happen week-to-week—e.g. “By the end of next week,” (not that that’s a bad thing in and of itself) even; rarely about ‘from the beginning of one month to the end of another month.’ We’re in May now, so, …what kind of fresh slate of thinking can be grown from here to the end of May? That kind of thing. There might still be the same conflict of unknowns. If anything it could provide less false positives, and perhaps put an end to some of the feeling that some major breakthrough could be just around the corner and thus actually decreasing the addiction of anticipation.


Couldn’t agree more Zoki.:thinking: