MaidSafe Dev Update - April 20, 2017

Victory! The dragon has finally been slain. :tada:


This reminds me of an old motif X library ‘IDE’ having an icon with a dragon on it.
First I didn’t know what this dragon icon was for, but then I learned it was to ‘drag files on’ (‘drag and drop’-functionality) :grin:


Drag On → I had never realised that either, till now :smiley:


Amazing amazing work. If you are after the bounty please provide all steps like @JPL did above and pm me your BTC address.

This is amazing, now so many more people around the would can try out SAFE and all its apps thanks to you!!


Forgive me if I’m in error, but I think @mav cracked it, while obviously several others out great effort in too.

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Yes, @mav give us the key clue. He is the real hero, not me.


ok where did he give the clue I don’t see it

and whoever wants the bounty just provide the steps.

And is anyone else getting that error above when using the MaidSafe Demo App on Win with the mock-routing launcher? happens when I upload any new public directory

Can anyone build Mock-Routing on Win? Can anyone build Mock-Routing on Win? - #40 by mav - Support - Safe Dev Forum

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ok great thanks for that

@mav I see you already wrote out all the steps over there for it,

LMK your btc address in a message

@digipl I’ll also send you some for actually compiling it and providing the link

both of those steps were part of the bounty so you each definitely played a part


I don’t have problem uploading new public directories…

Thanks, but I did it for my own pleasure, not for the bounty. Give it to @mav or save it for next development.



Also updated some of the 23 SAFE Apps with Win versions. Use SAFE and all the included SAFE Apps right now with mock-routing, on every OS!!! :smiley: :smiley:


Great team effort everyone :slight_smile:


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Can anyone tell me what the problem here?

error: manifest path <paths>/safe_client_libs/Cargo.toml is a virtual manifest, but this command requires running against an actual package in this workspace

I have updated cargo and install cmake, npm… i am on ubuntu 16.04

Or is there a new update on Mock-routing tutorial somewhere?

Thank you.