MaidSafe Dev Update - April 13, 2017


This is very solid stuff, really appreciate the assertive nature of this update.


Keep on truckin along! Cannot wait to dive back in to the details hopefully in the near future. Seems like Alpha 3 will be the right spot.

Third time is the charm.


…very good decision. Makes totally sense :+1:


Yesterday I build my first mobile app ever with React Native with the help of an online tutorial…looks very cool. I was wondering if I can get this to work with Safenetwork:

very good work and I’m looking forward to try the new API with MD.


Thank You for the update and keep up the good work!


Will there be something to use between the end of 16 and,

Or will there be a few weeks of nothing official?
I’m thinking in terms of the guys at the hackathon caught off guard with no network and or other known and unknown folks who may be left hanging.
If there won’t be anything official perhaps a community network of sorts may help get through that time?


A community test network might not help much as they’d also then be open to GET spam until countermeasures are in place which should be the case with the next test network we release with Mutable Data.

Developers can use “mock routing” (a simulated version of the network) to build apps :slight_smile:

For the current SAFE API, you can follow the instructions in the README of SAFE Launcher to build it using mock routing.

It’s also possible to build the new SAFE API (with Mutable Data) using mock routing, but currently it might hard to get it working because we need to fix an API issue related to Mutable Data, as mentioned in the dev update:


Good news~! I am going to refer to it


Everyone say hi to @Jinho_Jang, one of our great translators from MaidSafe Korea :smiley:


Thanks for the update!

안녕하세요 my fellow Koreans. That’s the only Korean word I know. lol


Just read this one over at the dev forum. It’s a quote from @hunterlester


Thank you to the developers that created the web hosting manager example, safe browser, the plugin integrations, and the core files. I won’t name you all here because I don’t want to leave any contributors out.

Something to be celebrated at this point is that you all have created a code base that is so clear and easy to read that I, as a novice programmer, can follow along to get a sense of how it works and to also receive education from it.

@dirvine, you’ve achieved what you wanted as far as making the code base accessible and easy to understand.

Learning so much. Thank you.

Looks we already have 1 excited external dev when it comes to the SAFE Browser with Authenticator :clap::clap:.


Hmm I haven’t heard of anyone getting the authenticator to authenticate yet,

Maybe he just means the code is easy to follow? But I don’t think even @frabrunelle has been able to get anything working yet,

I’ve been keeping in touch with him to watch this area as closely as I can


Yes, still some steps to make. But we’re getting close to the moment more people can build it. The compliment is about the current code.


Integrated authenticator will authenticate. I’m running the web hosting safe example. There are some bugs I’m working out that may or may not have to do with a particular event that is only triggered on macOS systems and therefore not on my Windows system.