MaidSafe Dev Update 9th February 2016

Yes reputation tokens making me a licensed bookie:grin:

It has been a couple years since I luckily found out about maidsafe. Now It is almost out:sweat_smile:

You do a really excellent job with these updates Ross, thanks!

It’s really nice to be kept so in the loop, it makes the wait more bearable knowing what needs to be done and seeing the list shrink. David’s leak was also a good thing… much better to silence the anticipation quickly and quietly than to leave us bubbling over and then disappoint our fevered excitement at the possibility of a MVP release date confirmation imo.

I’d be happy with more bite-sized updates each day now that we’re so close, but I don’t want to get greedy; I know we’re lucky to get as much attention as we do.

Well done and thanks for all your hard work guys, we love what you do!



So, is testnet and farming ready to give it a try?

See the quoted text below : [quote=“Ross, post:1, topic:6972”]
As @dirvine has already leaked shared in another thread, the MVP will not be making an appearance this week.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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So there are 4 to-dos left before the MVP is ready to be released? Am I understanding this correctly? Assuming some bugs don’t come flying out of the woodwork of course. Keep your flyswatters handy boys. :wink: How long should implimenting all that take? And after the MVP is out will it include safecoin or not? Also after said mvp is out how fast do you suppose new apps and updates will be developed?

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MaidSafe’s latest dev update -
SAFE now enables account creation,
log in and the ability to get and put data

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Safecoin will be implemented after the MVP release, (one of the) first feature(s) that will be added as soon as the the MVP is out.


This was using a local network, scaling this up is happening this week.


Honestly, not 100% sure - we plan to support for sure, will it be delivered on day one? of that I am not certain. Running CI for ARM is currently tricky, I have a task to improve it - so this is sitting with me. With no official Rust ARM support and the likes of Travis not supporting the architecture (there are ways round this that I am currently investigating) it is a little tricky.

@vinipsmaker has also done good work on the ARM front.

I would say Rust stable - it has been a few weeks since I personally tried this - I shall do some digging and get back to you.


Great update! Like the intro, details, to-do style as it describes where we have come from and where we are heading to next.

It all sounds very positive too!

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Thanks so much for the update. I appreciate the patient deliberate of Maidsafe development; always have. The detail of communication and transparency has been quite remarkable and well received.


quick question, but will we be able to farm Safecoin with the MVP?

No (20 characters…)


The MVP is planned to be released without Safecoin. Test Safecoin will be introduced after the MVP has been shown to work as intended.

Edit: Ah, you beat me to it.


ok thanks for the info! i need some time to put together a system. already running a storj node from an old laptop lol.

does anyone have any recommendations on cheap DIY systems I can build?

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The old laptop sounds ideal if you already have it plugged in, I’d start with that.

If you are buying a new device I’d look at the Cubietruck or the Odroid

I think I’m right that the time to serve the data will be an important metric, so vaults that reply with data quickly will do well. I think a 7200rpm disk will be worth having.

  • Fast internet upload
  • RAM
  • Read speed of the disk/ card
  • Enough CPU

But extra CPU won’t help if your internet upload, RAM, or disk read is slow. I plan on attaching a 1Tb drive to a Cubietruck via SATA 2. Probably splitting the drive into eight or ten seperate vaults.

I hope this will give quicker response time than an Odroid due to the fact the Odroid only has USB2. The Cubietruck is also fanless and so the noise won’t annoy me. Cubietruck also has Open Source firmware, so less chance of a hardware backdoor.

This is all pretty much just speculation at this point. No one knows for sure.

More here


Odroid xu4 has USB3.0 btw


Ah fair enough, maybe the Odroid is the better choice if you only plan on hanging one drive off of it.

I’m going to stick with the Cubietruck as I could have 1Tb hung off the SATA and 1Tb off the USB. And I like the idea of it all sitting together in a neat fanless package.

If using USB you’ll need a SATA to Usb3 converter of some kind I guess, at around £21

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Definitely right will need a USB3.0 to Sata -> can find them for around for $10 as well out there, so around 7 pounds;

Do like the cubietrick as well :thumbsup: