MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 9th February 2016

As @dirvine has already leaked shared in another thread, the MVP will not be making an appearance this week. I feel a bit like a broken record (the vinyl musical type) over the last few weeks, however as @Viv said on his return on Monday - “we are in a very good place”. The pieces are coming together and the team are poised to deliver - it just won’t be this week.

##Crust - uTP / API : Vinicius / Andrew / Spandan / David

The guys have completed the outstanding Udp / uTP tasks in the nat_traversal library and we now have working examples. Work is currently ongoing integrating this into Crust and this is expected to be completed in the next few days. The team have also been focusing on updating the crust_peer example to reflect the recent changes. This is important as it allows the devs in the upper libraries to continue working in parallel with a functioning Crust that successfully makes connections and sends data, while the remaining nat_traversal tasks are completed. Also, the Crust and Routing guys will be working closely together this week to complete the integration between both libraries.

##Routing - Vault Integration : Andreas / Brian / Adam / David

We finished the implementation of the new Routing mechanism as per the RFC and wrote extensive integration tests for them to make sure that everything is working as expected. We also did some preparatory work for migrating the library to the new Crust API and plan to do the bulk of the migration this week.

##Vaults : Fraser

@anon86652309 completed laying out the framework for unit tests, with mpid_messaging now being the most comprehensively unit tested area within all the Vault code. Testing the behaviour of Vaults has also been on @anon86652309’s radar and he has been running the safe_core self authentication example against these Vault networks. The safe_nfs example has also been tested against the same network, where storing and modifying structured data has been returning behaviour we would expect to see. Still a way to go, but things look ok with the minimal testing done so far.

##Messaging : Qi / Brian

The implementation of the messaging RFC has been generally completed on Vault and Client side. Unit tests of mpid_manager persona on Vault side has been included. safe_core crate has been updated to provide API functions of messaging and an example to showcase creating an mpid account and sending simple messages is under investigation. An RFC has been proposed to extend the functionality of the existing safe_core example.

##Client - Launcher : Krishna / Spandan / Shankar

Last week we were concentrating on the Launcher implementation. @ustulation will be away from this week until March, so @krishna_kumar and @ustulation spent a couple of days focused upon planning tasks to complete during his absence. This week @krishna_kumar and @Shankar will be continuing the work on the Launcher. By the middle of the week the guys intend to have the implementation tasks for the Drive application added to JIRA and @Shankar will start work on the Drive application, while @krishna_kumar will be testing the Launcher.

More decent progress this week - we have demonstrated the ability to create accounts, log in, get and put data, just without churn handling and NAT Traversal. So what do we have left to complete before the MVP is set free (and I can stop sounding like that broken record)?

  1. NAT Traversal integration into Crust (allows for people behind different types of routers to connect with each other and not just rely on direct connections between nodes in the network);
  2. Routing Integration with Refactored Crust;
  3. Churn Handling in the Vault library (showcasing with Routing and Vault examples);
  4. Completing the Launcher updates from the client libraries.

With @Viv back everyone has renewed clarity of what needs to be done and understands the importance of marking these outstanding TODOs off as completed.

Thanks again for your time and support, here is a link to the transcript.


Not this week but soon enough. Especially if REP is trad able after their beta in a week and a half. I will end up with more maid and more REP.
[Edit: well no not now maidsafecoins are already revaluing now but the other way round works too as I will have farming income not touching for two years]

Nice one. Thanks Ross :slight_smile:

Ross your organization and level of detail are amazing. It is very much appreciated. It is clear that a MVP is not in question just the timing. This is what is important in the long run. Great Work!


What is REP?


This is great. Do you run a local network or a small global network to test this out?

great update btw. Thanks again :+1:

@Ross thanks for another super helpful and encouraging update, and to everyone who’s ticking off those TODOs :slightly_smiling:

Do you expect/plan/gaurantee :wink: (delete as applicable) the MVP will support vaults on ARM (or should I say Odroid :slightly_smiling:)?

And should I currently be able to compile for ARM with Rust stable? I’ve been trying now and again for a few weeks but there are some compiler errors (in Crust at least) so I’m assuming this is not ready yet - just want to check in case I need to fix anything at my end.


PS welcome back @Viv - see how much gets done when you’re away :wink: lol

Apologies - and congratulations - I hope everything went well. Great to have you back.


Hi, I would like to ask about Andrew Cann, we didn´t see any activity about him in the last 3 weeks.
Thanks in advance.
Keep the good work on! :muscle:

[quote=“Ross, post:1, topic:6972”]
I feel a bit like a broken record
[/quote]MaidSafe Dev Update always sounds like music to my ear. We’re on the right track, so thanks for another fun update and all your hard work Maidsafe team.

These Lego blocks will soon connect :stuck_out_tongue:


Andrew is very hard at work from Australia every day. He works at a very high pace and is very capable. I am not sure what you mean, he has been involved in crust non stop recently, He is the Andrew in Crust.


Not positive but I think this - Augur price today, REP to USD live, marketcap and chart | CoinMarketCap


Ops! I asked because it was empty in the transcript for the last 3 weeks and no concrete mentions to him by Ross if I,m not wrong.
Thanks for clarification :slightly_smiling:

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Yes reputation tokens making me a licensed bookie:grin:

It has been a couple years since I luckily found out about maidsafe. Now It is almost out:sweat_smile:

You do a really excellent job with these updates Ross, thanks!

It’s really nice to be kept so in the loop, it makes the wait more bearable knowing what needs to be done and seeing the list shrink. David’s leak was also a good thing… much better to silence the anticipation quickly and quietly than to leave us bubbling over and then disappoint our fevered excitement at the possibility of a MVP release date confirmation imo.

I’d be happy with more bite-sized updates each day now that we’re so close, but I don’t want to get greedy; I know we’re lucky to get as much attention as we do.

Well done and thanks for all your hard work guys, we love what you do!



So, is testnet and farming ready to give it a try?

See the quoted text below : [quote=“Ross, post:1, topic:6972”]
As @dirvine has already leaked shared in another thread, the MVP will not be making an appearance this week.

Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

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So there are 4 to-dos left before the MVP is ready to be released? Am I understanding this correctly? Assuming some bugs don’t come flying out of the woodwork of course. Keep your flyswatters handy boys. :wink: How long should implimenting all that take? And after the MVP is out will it include safecoin or not? Also after said mvp is out how fast do you suppose new apps and updates will be developed?

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MaidSafe’s latest dev update -
SAFE now enables account creation,
log in and the ability to get and put data

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