MaidSafe Dev Update 9th August 2016

Hi everyone, today we are (finally) releasing the new documentation for Launcher API v0.5 :grin:

It’s now the default documentation so you can access it from To familiarise yourself with Launcher API, we recommend that you try the (new) code examples that are present for each of the API endpoints. We also added more information to the Introduction page of the API section as well as two new pages:

While writing the documentation, we discovered minor bugs related to Launcher API. These bugs have been fixed and the changes are ready to be merged into the master branch of safe_launcher.

We also updated the screenshots of Launcher and Demo App for the following pages:

Team expansion

We are happy to announce that 3 new developers will be joining our team shortly.

One of them is @lightyear (Benjamin Kampmann) and he will be helping with developer outreach, client-side API usage, front-end development (working with Krishna) and Core (working with Spandan). As for the two other developers, they will be focussing on Routing. The quality of applicants has been very reassuring. As people here will realise, SAFE is not a simple project in any way. However, after a lot of work we are finding the level of expertise required.

Future funding

We made significant headway in terms of future funding and we will be sharing more details with the community very shortly. This has taken up quite a bit of time, but we think it will have been well worth it as we believe we have found a solution that will provide the company with the capital it needs while enabling us to maintain control over our own destiny.

SAFE Browser RFP

@Krishna_Kumar, @cretz, @joshuef and a few other community members have been actively discussing the SAFEr Browser(s) Proposal in the last few days.

The discussion is not entirely finished, so we are extending the discussion period for another week. But we are starting the voting period today and it will last for 2 weeks.

Here is the donation address for the SAFE Browser RFP: 14mRbLbD33RSsYuhLJ4vPr1FWzW5XHRQjG

Please only send MaidSafeCoins (MAID) to this address.

For more details on the Community Engagement Program, see this topic.

Next week, we are planning to organize a Q&A with @joshuef. Please send your questions in advance by adding them to this topic.

And if you would like to be present during the Q&A in order to ask questions to @joshuef in real-time, please contact me (please be aware this discussion will be very technical and will be very developer focussed and in depth, we will not have time for any non SAFE browser specific details). After the Q&A, we will post an audio recording so that anyone will be able to listen to it :slight_smile:

Logo competition

The SAFE Network visual identity competition is nearing its conclusion. Having shortlisted the final 6 designers, the remaining designers have until tomorrow to make their final submissions.

Later this week, the community will be asked to vote on their favourite logo via the forum. Thanks to everyone for all the comments and insights so far, it has greatly helped shape the feedback given to the designers.

Click here to see the final designs

Reply to this topic to give your opinion on which designs you like

SAFE Network Forum (new domain)

Due to a lack of certainty about the ownership of the domain, MaidSafe, along with the administrators and moderators of this forum have agreed to change the domain name of this forum from to We want to move the SAFE Network Forum to another domain in order to avoid any potential problems and to have a clear ownership of the main domain used by this forum.

The new domain will be owned by the MaidSafe Foundation. For more details and to discuss this change, please go to the Forum Update: 2753 members, new domain ( topic.

Dev Forum

We’ve been making a bit of progress on how the Dev Forum will be organized. We also want to announce that @neo will be one of the initial moderators of this new Dev Forum. We will likely give more details about the Dev Forum next week :slight_smile:

Crust, Core: Spandan (tl) & Vinicius

Last week, Spandan submitted a new RFC called ImmutableData deletion support. Many community members are currently debating this RFC in the RFC: ImmutableData deletion support topic.

We finalised and tested the config_file_handler crate and upgraded our crates to use rust_sodium which is our fork of sodiumoxide. This allows us to automatically download and use a fixed version of the Sodium library, aiding the security of the code base. The original crate also caused crashes on Windows x86 platforms for safe_core and thus we had not supported safe_core on Win32 for a long time. Now with rust_sodium and the latest native libsodium library, Win32 builds fine and runs all the tests.

Routing, Vaults: Adam, Andreas (tl), Fraser & Qi

While work and discussions are ongoing on the RFCs 30 and 37 (albeit a bit slower, since Adam and Fraser are on vacation), we also integrated the stable 0.23 branch with rust_sodium and merged safe_network_common into routing, to simplify the build process.

Client: Krishna (tl), Scott & Shankar

While the API documentation was being updated, we also fixed few issues that we identified in Launcher. The Demo app is also updated with new features: rename, cut, copy and paste.


Exciting times! Great work as always.


Great update—and congrats to the new hires!


Fantastic! Keep up the good work!


Congrats @lightyear!


Congrats , all the best to the new ones !


Beautiful! Always working with superhuman capacity :slight_smile:


3 new devs! welcome to the family :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Melvin!

@BambooGarden – thanks!

Super psyched to have more time and dedicated focus for safenet (soon, right now still part time). Also already have plenty of ideas regarding dev community outreach. It’s gonna be rad! Stay tuned.


But i think that the big one is incoming , isnt it? i dont see that great progress in this update

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This is great news! Congratulations @lightyear!

Nice update, a lot of stuff going on. As always a big :thumbsup: to all devs and people working on the project.


So this is not a test? Is this considered Alpha?

No its not a test or Alpha. It is a revision of the documentation on how apps interact with the launcher/network


Launcher API v0.5 has been available since TEST 5, but devs had to refer to the RFC until today.

We explained this in the Dev Update about a month ago :slight_smile:


Thanks Maidsafe devs for another great update, these just make my week. :stuck_out_tongue: Happy to read that you guys finally got some new ants to help code.

I just donated 621 Maidsafecoin for the SAFE Browser blablaabla…

Happy testing everybody


Can I ask why you’re not accepting btc for donations to the SAFE Browser RFP?

All my maids are in offline wallet atm and it would be a ball-ache to redo and hide my keys again. Maids are a bit pumped tonight, they could easily drop again this week, so I don’t like sending btc to polo to buy more maids here if I can help it. I’d much rather send btc atm if that’s acceptable?


Your BTC is good at my address bro =)


More than anything. I’m relieved that you guys have organised the funding required. HUGE relief ! GO MAID SAFE! :slight_smile:


It won’t drop! You see our chinese brothers have been noticing what has been going on for the last two days and they’ve seen the increase and there is an ancientchinese saying “yu to scheep yu tu crypto-wong” which basically translates into English as “when the Americans pump crypto buy that shit”