MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 8th June 2015

Cheers @polpolrene ! Good idea !

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I was hoping to see some SAFE discussion over at, but barely a peep.

With 1,064 contributors at, I hope you guys can build some kind of a presence over there…would seem a good time to create awareness, especially with a rewards scheme in the works.


Thanks guys for your work and smart ideas!


I hope we can change that, there is not many companies discussed there so far, but @ioptio will certainly be highlighting SAFE at more meetups. You will see her on twitter getting on with that. The bounty program we will introduce next sprint may also be a really cool thing for us and Rust. Lets hope so anyway. I cannot see folk saying as a community we don’t take a shot at everything :slight_smile:


Oh my. This is all very exciting.

Question: Will all the tasks opening up to the community be RUST or will we see other languages there too?

(Aka: should I start learning RUST, or will my webdev knowledge be useful at this juncture?)

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Good question!

One thought. How about a reward pot into which MaidSafe and others contribute, that is divided amongst the top twenty (or whatever) working apps as voted for by the forum, at a set date after launch? Not a massive reward, but something worthwhile.

This would enable anyone with none rust dev skills to take part, and also encourage others to join in who don’t know about or aren’t considering building for SAFE yet.


Initially rust but beyond feature complete then all apps and languages.

I would like to join, so I started learning Rust.


Next Month MaidSafe presents at Mozilla Rust meetup :sunny:


Just started reading on rust hopefully i can join the next sprint. So far so good like what i have seen on safe net


@chrisfostertv fwiw I think rust folks will respond very well to seeing more maidsafe activity in the community. Personally, I’m super intrigued with what you are doing here and am eager to hear more.

Project status updates are well-appreciated on users.rlo and/or /r/rust, and I include all that I can find in TWiR (I’ll try to remember to include the recent maidsafe update in the next edition).

With so much going on in Rust it’s hard to find time to experiment with the products people are making, but I would love to attend a focused workshop or something about writing apps with MaidSafe. I should really read the MaidSafe docs…


I would point you to the pivotal blog post that describes how the inventor discovered The language of the network …cracked this project right open.

Another resource is the whiteboard explanations of the core libraries:

A lot of us have been here for about a year now and it’s only quite recently that RUST has come into the picture. It’s a testament to RUST that the Devs seemed to have ramped up efficiency whilst still learning the language…it seems RUST has allowed a variety of software disciplines to participate in Core development that would not have been possible with C++

The RUST community should be very excited and proud of the exposure and opportunity that Project SAFE presents…the wild west is back and were all chasing SAFEcoin :).

RUST guys get to be miners, builders and core developers.