MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 31st August 2015 - Part II

Once we hit the official release will it be possible (or wanted) to begin with a fresh start (i.e. clean all the registered domains and junk files)?

This is all local right now, not global yet. No need to reset anything because you’re the only one able to see what name you’re registering.


Sure, why not. Just keep in mind, the other person cannot navigate to the safe:address without the browser addon.

It’s the same if I post a TOR address.onion on this forum. People would need the TOR Browser to navigate to it, otherwise it would come up “Server not found” in their browser.


As an App Builder, you are free to use whichever option (1, 2, or 3).

I recommend everyone start with the SAFE App Launcher. This is because of security reasons. We don’t want to pass our credentials through a 3rd party (unknown/untrusted) App. There will be people that risk doing it. That is their choice.

Good security is “good habits,” which means lead by example and show others the SAFE way.


That’s not what I mean.

Sorry it’s a kinda technical and specific question, but I think it’s really important so I’ll try to be clearer:

  1. I have a normal, http website
  2. I want to show regular ppl, who aren’t all into SAFE yet, my video (hosted on uncensorable SAFE Net).
  3. I make a regular old http website, that everyone can easily access without any plugins etc
  4. I embed my SAFE-hosted video into my HTTP website.

Idc about addresses, I just want a SAFE video on a http page to be able to play

That’s what I feel will be very important to the project, especially at the beginning. Sorry that it’s kinda technical and specific. Will this work?

When you say “SAFE video” are you saying this is just a regular video like an MP4 file?


Are you saying your http website itself “pulls” the video file from the SAFE Network?

I think he means some tricky not-yet-existing-Java-App using the SAFE-API server-Side Oo (no clue if this would be possible - but should be … shouldn’t it …?)

I’m no Java-Developer … so I have no clue … but to me it doesn’t sound easy …

Anything on the SAFE Network will have to be accessed by a SAFE user with SAFE credentials going through the SAFE API using the safe: protocol.


EDIT: Well, not without downloading first. You can’t embed a link that pulls directly from the SAFE Network while the browser itself is using the https:// protocol.

OTOH, you could download the video onto the server using the safe: protocol, but you’d ultimately still just be serving it over the https:// protocol. There’s no way to intermix protocols in a browser. Especially if you don’t have an existing login as a guest user. Unless you set your server up to have a username/pin/pass. Which would be rediculous because you’re still serving it via http://. Your friends wouldn’t know anything was different in that setup because nothing is.


I just tried the safe dns example on windows 8.1 pro x64 following @dyamanaka tutorial on youtube

It worked great! I am very impressed and excited to see the vaults running :smiley:



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I don’t see how it would work for reasons mentioned by @smacz.

Cmon, if this real?

That sounds horribly innefficient. You don’t need to “log in” or any of the rest of that trouble with http. You just start up your browser. Is http truly more efficient in this way?

I don’t think MaidSafe team would accept this kind of design. I seriously doubt that’s actually how this network works.

That sounds pretty inhibitive and backwards to me…

Having to log in just to look at things? I seriously doubt that is how this awesome network works. Uploading things, I can believe it. But looking?? No way dude

(And if by some stretch this wall does exist, making SAFE data accessible on today’s internet is very important, and should be done)

Maybe there should be a link to specific instructions that can be referred to people, instead of the same questions being answered over and over in these threads

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Completely agree dude.

If you have a link please share

there is (if I inderstood it right) a very important reason why you have to be logged in even when just accessing public data: the data have to be encrypted in a way that the node that serves you the data (the last “hop”) has no way of knowing what it is sending to you. For that you need an account and the data have to be encrypted with a key derived from the credentials (more or less), pretty much like tor. If the safe network was not designed like this it would not be safe, and more importantly the last node serving you the data could be held responsible for serving illegal content (which can well be public data) so you probably have to get used to the thought that for using safw you meed credentials, but maybe there will be an option to save the credentials for the next session one day, I don’t think everybody is loggin in to facebook each time they are using it…

OK it makes sense.

Just thought that sites like wikileaks or whatever, who already have many followers, would be able to host their videos on SAFE immediately, and it would kind of advertise how great the new network is to everyone on the old one.

But I see what you mean. Maybe it is for the best. Guess it’s totally “bye-bye” to the old internet then! :smiley: (SAFE or bust!)

A wiki exists at at it seems the logical place to put these instructions.

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I think it is feasible for MaidSafe to allow what you want, but the user would need a special plug-in. I would think this could be supplied by embedding it on your http website, but someone would have to write it first!

So it is not yet possible.

It would work by automatically creating a temporary account on SAFE, and using that to access public data, such as your video.

I don’t think this will be high on MaidSafe list of things to do though, in fact I doubt they would consider it useful really. Much better for folk to have to get on SAFE to access it’s amazing content. This is the viral adoption we want.

Instead your video could show this frame:

To watch this video you need to be logged into SAFE Network - the secure, anonymous internet.

SAFE = Secure Access For Everyone

Sign up here


I would agree - the wiki does seem like a logical home - anyone is welcome to grab and improve upon my original posts and stick them in the wiki.
I was thinking this morning of a better way of capturing and tracking issues, forums are great but as @stonesfever states it can become a bit repetitive. A community run zendesk? Maybe a bit too much just now?


Already?! That was even faster than I guessed [three days after Linux release]! I’m honestly downloading CentOS [for DVD] on another machine as I type, just to play around with a local SAFE setup. I already dual boot from a LinuxLive USB, but that has its limits. I’m still going to push through a full DVD based Linux install, so I’m quite excited about testing SAFE on both Linux and Win7!

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