MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 29th March 2016

As @dirvine has already stated on the forum, we still have a few issues in Vaults and one remaining in Crust that the dev team are focused on; these need to be resolved before the MVP is ready for delivery. So no MVP this week - to paraphrase David: it is all still a wee bit raw for release this week.

It is amazing to see all the app building activity and discussion here on the forum and in github. We all want to keep this momentum going and continue to progress and expand the client side APIs, so later this week we expect to have an RFC for enabling dynamic data handling completed and shared for everyone in the community to discuss, more details about this can be found within the Client section.

##Crust - uTP / API : Vinicius / Andrew / David

We re-enabled the lints and removed code that was implementing functionality that is now available through other crates, so the Crust code is now much simpler. We also discussed design and decided to implement a heartbeat mechanism in Crust as it will make behaviour more consistent across multiple platforms and gets us closer to being able to use TCP without experiencing any problems. The heartbeat will also be used in uTP, as it is also important for Routing churn to have fast notifications regarding LostPeer events.

##Routing - Vault Integration : Andreas / Adam / David

Apart from lots of testing and debugging, we have made some improvements to the algorithm that should enable the network to better handle lots of simultaneously joining and leaving nodes, but there is still plenty of work to do in that area.

##Vaults : Brian / Fraser / Qi

Last week was a designing week to re-examine the data flow for backup / sacrificial copies of immutable data. There are data-flow documents, sequence diagrams, class diagrams, task lists and RFC updates, all of which have been newly created or updated to reflect and document the outcome from these discussions.

It has been agreed that future work within the Vault library will be divided into two phases, with phase one focusing on introducing backup / sacrificial copies in get flow and the second phase focusing on freeing up space in the put flow, together with adjusting the farming rate.
Implementation work has begun based on the task list created for phase one.

This week we aim to complete the newly listed tasks from phase one and to begin work on phase two.

##Client - Launcher : Krishna / Spandan / Shankar

The logging abilities within the maidsafe_utilities library have been improved to enable sending logs to a remote server. The logs from vaults are to be sent to the visualiser server, which will help in debugging and also display real time statistics from the testnet (e.g. how many nodes are running, information on how well network connections are behaving, etc). The components needed for the visualiser were developed last week. @shankar and @krishna_kumar will be putting the pieces together this week to get the log visualiser into a working state.

To the delight of the app devs, an RFC for enabling dynamic data handling is expected to be completed and shared by the end of this week. We expect that this RFC will create a lot of good healthy debate and constructive suggestions that will help mould the final design and implementation. The RFC will detail the APIs that will be exposed from the Launcher and how these can be used to build applications that require to handle dynamic data. We are excited to add this important and much requested functionality to the network.

##UI Design : Scott / Shankar

@shankar and @scott have been working on the roadmap and it is nearing completion. Functionally, it is nearly finished and we’re starting to populate it with some real data. A lot of time this week will be spent collating and parsing data from various places to put into the roadmap. Following this, we will get feedback from the devs and management who will contribute to the data and make sure it properly reflects the company’s endeavours over the next wee while.

Following on from the work @scott did last week on the video, we’ve decided to do a second iteration of this. Time this week will be spent on nailing down the direction we’re planning to take for this (e.g. target audience and objectives covered), writing a script and finally recording the video and voiceover.

Some small changes to the website UX are also planned to be researched and worked on this week by @scott with @shankar implementing these proposed changes following review and critique of the mockups and suggestions.

##Customer Support : Ross

As stated last week, as new releases are rolled out we can close off issues that are fixed by that release, so if you have an open issue, it has not been forgotten and the list of open issues are reviewed every couple of days. Some work has also gone into defining and sharing the known security limitations and this will continue and hopefully be completed at some point this week. The RFC process has also received some long overdue attention with new (and some outstanding) RFC PRs being merged into the Proposed section for discussion and a few being accepted and made Active and implemented.

Thank you for the ongoing support, no transcript this week as this was something Justine used to pull together and Justine has now moved on from MaidSafe to new opportunities. The transcript was originally created from a whole team meeting which no longer happens (replaced by other team catch-ups). I also felt it duplicated a lot of content found here in the weekly dev update, so did not chase people to complete it this week. If there is a huge demand to reinstate the transcript, we can revisit this.


Nice to be here again! GO!


roadmap ahead :slight_smile::upside_down::smirk: that will make many people (including me) very happy :blush:


Heck to the yes!!! Love it!!!


Happy to hear this. Assuming it’s I definitely have plenty of feedback/questions due to some vagueness in the doc.


What’s RFC? 20 characters

“Request for Comment (RFC) papers and discussions on Project SAFE core libraries and API’s” :slight_smile:


with the phase 1 and 2 of vault mentioned this sounds like it is at least 4 - 5 weeks out.

this week phase 1
then testing/fixing of that 1 week
phase 2 1 week
testing/fixing of phase 2 another 1 week
1 week padding for some issue coming up

Reading between the lines, this update makes it sound as though MVP is still many months away. You do realise that eventually the term “MVP” will become a meme? At what point will you guys just bite the bullet?


I hear you. I think the issue is that they don’t know themselves either, and are on the one hand eager to let us know how things are going, but on the other hand don’t want to burn their fingers (again) on giving any ETA’s. It’s a bit of a damned if you do, damned if you don’t situation.

I think in a very literal sense we can say that none knows when the MPV will be out?


I was also reading between the lines and it was all white :smiley:

The MVP is rolling out now, the speed is slower at the crust/routing/vault libs. but keep an eye on github. Lots of good news there.

As this happens we will now push this week for the StructuredData API to be made available to app devs. This is a bit bigger than many realise, it’s not hard for us, but we want a strong API there, so a lot of agreement needed. This community will help a lot there.

If we wanted to put out a network then it could have been done months back. That network would be like many many other such projects and require manual router configs, remote nodes (acting like servers) and be impossible for a point and click worldwide network. I say worldwide and I mean that, from everybody’s desk and hopefully pocket eventually. This is new and the network components are pretty complex. The crust lib is looking much better, but a major re alignment of code this week will help there to. This will help many projects, but importantly it allows the network to become massively distributed, not only on rented Internet instances (yawn, boring and insecure). I doubt many realise how much this part will transform a network to become the peoples network, by the people, for the people. It is incredibly important.

So we have the network running on digital ocean machines while we do this and you know what, all the innovations inventions and tests work. We know it does, you can see the app devs creating apps and playing with API’s even monstrously bending them to do stuff like messaging before we release messaging API’s and have the code in place (in a github branch).

There’s the meme it works but it’s not consumer ready today without manually port mapping etc. That small step is all that remains to put this in homes and desks. Then messaging and safecoin and we are well en route to something hopefully amazing.

22 Feb 2006 I did bite the bullet :wink:



(this is from 2008)

I’m a bit confused, is this…

…the same as this

My confusion is about whether this means we get an RFC document we can discuss, or an actual Launcher update with SD API support?

The code to make the API available is very small indeed. It is basically allowing the function calls to be available (put a pub in front of them) and passing these through the routing API. So the code is simple enough. If we can get agreement on the API then making it available (assuming no major changes like a rewrite) then it should be a quick process.


Thanks Maidsafe devs for all your hard work.

For two weeks now I’m not able to connect to the SAFE Network, but I know that I will one day and that everything will work…

Every week I read these posts the Maidsafe Devs make progress, so thanks again :stuck_out_tongue:


That is the fun stuff I like to see!! I don’t think the MAID devs are ones to colour inside the conventional lines!!! :slight_smile:
(just bend…don’t break! lol!)


I too thank the devs for the hardwork. My view is that its not ready and its best to temper enthusiasm until it is. Learn rust or something. It probably won’t be ready for 3 months or so. If I’m wrong I can’t wait to be pleasantly surprised (like I was when the launcher released). Honestly the only thing that keeps my hope alive aside from the actual, visual progress the devs present is the knowledge that once this is out there its game over for everyone else. At that moment, bitcoin, storj, Sia, Ethereum, even OpenBazaar all have a target on their chest like a sniper from 2km away was targeting them. Maidsafe will destroy everything that is half-@ssed which is 90% of crypto currently. If it works, you can kiss all the sucker projects goodbye. From what I’ve seen, it does work and it will work. So, I wait.


Love the passion! :grin:


I was thinking it would be pretty cool if the MVP was released on April 18th, which is the real Patriots’ Day this year in the US… but then I was thinking that if it was on July 2nd, we could edit the “Independence Day” speech about it becoming a global holiday which would be kind of fun, too. :smiley:

Before I get kicked out of the forum for suggesting a date that far in the future, of course I’ll be thrilled if it comes out today, tomorrow, or any other date for that matter.

I think that in hindsight, if everyone was looking forward to a Patriots’ Day release, and it was released on April Fool’s Day (after a prank about starting over in some new language, of course), many of us would feel a lot less stress than hoping for a release every Tuesday for months.

I encourage adopting the perspective that we’ll know when the MVP was released, and not worrying about it.

Edit - I didn’t realize I was responding to a comment in particular. That was unintentional.