MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 26th January 2016

Yes you are and the way they have mapped this out is very fair and reasonable IMO


I’ve looked at it. It is interesting but like anything comes with it’s own set of pros and cons. I wouldn’t rule it out moving forward but it is not a funding focus at this point.

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Yes maidsafe will be like any other dev company using SAFE. If we are good enough and make great apps then fantastic. It seems counter intuitive but we want the core rewards to spread as far as possible, but it is a realistic income. (spread far == much better network)

In terms of ownership, then there is none, that vanished a long time ago. There will be a perception of these are the guys (like say the tor team), but in reality it is anyone who owns it. We do want to distribute this further than tor etc. in terms of perceived ownership.

As for maidsafde the company there is a ton of things we can bring to the table, but mostly from apps side of things and we will push the boundaries through AI, global compute etc. and there is where our value will be. What is nice is that this value has to be real and valued by ordinary folks and not just nice investor pitches etc. So the future is good.

In another perspective we are looking at partnerships, not just investors. So imagine a secure mobile phone maker partnered with us or perhaps some anti virus company who could increase end point security. These are all considerations we must make.

I am so far in code with routing and now crust Nick has had to take this all on himself and what a great job he has done. I will get to it soon enough, but just now I am a dev in the company as opposed to ceo or anything. (I don’t like titles and would prefer we are all just team members, but that is a whole other story that amazes me, you are forced into managing like it or not as team grow :frowning: then will come politics, but I digress)


A man of many hats. Well keep on coding man and thanks for the reply. Yet again the SAFE project reminds me of the Venus Project.


Compliment or insult?

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Hello, new in the forum, lurking for a time, I would like to ask about Peter Jankuliak, is he working in Maidsafe yet? I don´t see him in the transcript.
Thanks in advance.

No Peter is no longer part of the dev team. Well he is around for a couple of weeks but will be moving on to other things. He did do many hours and worked on crust for a long time as well as a spell in routing.


Peter did some great work. Sad to see him go. :cry:

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Yes it is always sad, but always happens that the team changes as life moves on.


I made a stupid comment, post withdrawn.

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50 lashes with a wet noodle for you!!!


If they crash and burn trying to get this out it only makes me respect them more. Irvine is one of the most honorable people I’ve ever read or heard about. Don’t let SAFE go the way of Babbages Analytical engine. Babbages engine stll needs to be built. It star shapped elements remind me of SAFE.

While the whole idea of a resource based economy is very interesting to me, hence my interest in Maidsafe and farming, I do not feel comfortable with the centralized “computer brain” to manage and control all resources that the Venus project seems to promotes.

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True but what if it were decentralized, open source and only managed resources for a given network/community and could be forked?

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I don’t know. Something to think about. But I think that even Jacque Fresco acknowledges that managing resources whether centralized or decentralized is not something we are ready for at this early stage of our evolution.

Wow, now you did mention about the venus project. Maybe that is exactly what they are talking about, resource based economy (safecoin). Safecoin is valued based on the resources of the network. I mean, I always thought venus project is so out of touch of reality because they want to ditch the idea of “money” system, and go with resource based economy. I figured that is quite hard to achieve because money itself allows human to figure out how much resources they put into, and how much output they have received, and how to distribute the money to the workers. But that isn’t the case after I revisit the venus project. Good observation there, blindsite.

@jabba "I’d rather see us build on the jury system in a decentralised way online
to develop systems that encourage informed participation, wisdom of
crowds etc rather than mob rule "

Exactly. I am looking for people who wants to help me build uber style Jury / Judge / Court system, along with COLA system.

Good on you! Count me in.

I wouldn’t be much help with the technical side of things, but I’d love to be involved in theory and discussion about it.

I’ve been working on this idea and practical solutions to ‘informed judgement/consensus’ in my spare time for years. Would love to share the things I’ve learned and be a part of this discussion.

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This is what @AndreasF RFC looks like to me, anyone else too?

Ah, sorry! It was merged into the maidsafe/rfcs repository and moved to “active”: