MaidSafe Dev Update 23th August 2016 - TEST 8

I’ve given up on this Testnet now. The vault chugs along nicely doing whatever it’s doing but nothing else works at all. The launcher doesn’t connect to the demo app any more and hardly any sites load. Time for 8a?

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I don’t know how vault reputation will be implemented but would be interested to know more about that. I’d expect time up will be an important factor, if the network prefers nodes that have heritage that might prevent new nodes causing too much disruption. Even perhaps a signed note from the group in case it goes down for a short while would allow backbone nodes to return quickly. The liability atm seems to be one weak bandwidth can cause havoc. An interesting problem, which I expect will be one that benefits from a large network. It’s good to see the tests fail as that must help devs understand where the limits lie but I’m keen to see some vault management introduced, as that will be key.

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This one is new to me. Those devs these days! They didn’t tell us probably for testing purposes :yum:. Curious what we’ll learn in tonight’s update.


Would love to have known that. Would that be the kind of thing @frabrunelle could ask the dev team when they’re putting together the release notes?


Wasn’t it meant to be like this?


Sorry @polpolrene. It is my mistake there. I was intending to refer to the test net at that point of time when the issue was raised. Before alpha for a couple of testnets we had hosted vaults in droplets with throttled bandwidth. Not the ones right now. I will edit the comment in that issue


Ohw no worries. I knew about some testnet some time ago that was created to test stability to the max.


I think OP says Aug 23th

I am seeing a pattern lately…lol. :joy:

Dev Update: “We will be operating a network that will be wiped periodically. We will be trying to throw everything we can at it to see what happens and analyze the network. It may be slow, have connection issues or lose data.”

Users: “My data is gone!” “My Demo app wont connect!” “It seems to be super slow.”


Yep… agree. Seems some people don’t pay enough attention and clog the forum. Maybe a big bold notice of the caveats stickied at every new update and every download page @frabrunelle

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Ehh…I think a lot of it is enthusiasm as well, better the devs know redundant info than assuming a glitch is baked into the testnets and not reporting it…just cracks me up a bit. :slight_smile:

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Why can a vault not simply do a speed test after installation and decide whether or not to run based on preset criteria?

The ideas behind the Safe network I’m in love with and have been following this forum since I became aware of the Alpha. I have no programing skills what so ever. Even html gets me scratching my head.:confused: So JUST incase this helps anyone attached is a screen shot of a vault running on a slow connection of 1mb up and 10 down.

I thought it was interesting that when you first run the vault you get lots of network activity but then it drops off over time. I would think when the network launches you are going to get loads of users with this type of setup. Wish I had the skill to contribute more!


I just PM’ed you. At the moment I don’t have much time, but one of the first things I’d like to do is make a full documentation on the CSP headers, their specific meaning and reasons and what that means for you as a web-developer. This includes a trouble shooting guide of common problems, how to find and address them.

My biggest issue was that I had a dependency (date-picker), which insisted on injecting CSS-Code. As this was happening at start-up time, the error message wasn’t very clear on the source of that problem. As inlining CSS has kinda become a thing in the Reactjs-Community, this might be a big problem for adoption in that sphere. Though I completely see the reasoning behind disallowing inline-CSS (you can do a lot of evil. But then, the JS can still inject style-attributes on tags, so… you aren’t really limiting stuff here). I am torn on this one.

I think we need to take a deep look with some of the feedback you’ve already given and I have experienced and decide which rules in there do actually make things more secure and which are just making it harder to develop for it (and thus limiting adoption).

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Inline CSS is what I’m hitting too. RemoteStorage.js use it so they can include an html widget, button icons etc along with everything else all in a single js file. I haven’t looked into the security pros & cons yet, but I’m not really qualified to judge anyway. I look forward to your input, meanwhile I’ll look for workarounds.

Edit: @lightyear please sign up to the safedev forum and see the CORS thread I started there.

I have added again my sites under new names. I have implemented a program that periodically reloads their files. This is an experiment to see if that helps keeping them available on a longer period.

New names are (depending on your browser):

You can also make your own vaults visible to the world in safe-galaxy3. If you PM me your vault id(s) and optionally a label and a URL, then I will add a button displaying them prominently.

For information TEST8 network has currently 130 nodes (and 5 are mine).


Finally, the experiment lasted 2 days and a half. The client part gets a time out error now.

The sites are still available but are frozen at around 10:43 UTC today. At that time the network had 129 nodes. Another experiment is to see how long they will last in that state.

I will stop my nodes (progressively) and destroy my droplets. I will recreate them when a more reliable network is available or if I have another idea for tests.

Edit: http://mystats.safenet/ had the same fate: it is blocked at 2016-08-28 23:30, but it is still available today.


I have been attempting to login to the launcher using my Secret and Password; However, when I enter these (I am certain they are correct - I wrote them down) and after a long delay, I receive the message “Login failed - Account not found.”

When I try to create a new account using the original Secret and Password, I receive the following error:
MutationFailure::MutuationError::DataExists. I don’t understand why I get this error if my original account was dropped from the network.

Perhaps the account hasn’t been dropped, but corrupted in some way.

Most people have no idea what Maidsafe even is. Would be nice to see a useable something after 10 years. Your asking investors for money and have nothing to show them… Put on a nice Persentation … Marketing … Show us something already…