MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 22nd December 2015

So for the last time this year, thank you to the team for their contributions to this week’s dev update. We will not have a dev update for the next couple of weeks due to holidays. As we are a global team, however, not everyone will be downing tools over Christmas and New Year so progress shall continue, which we will report back on at the beginning of January 2016. So from me and the entire MaidSafe team a big thanks for all the contributions and support we have received over the course of this phenomenally busy year.

CHEERS! :beers:


Refactor of Routing is drawing to a close. By now It has stabilised enough to allow the dependent crates (all the client modules) to code their interfaces and operations against it. The implementation has very strong adherence to the concepts discussed and put as a flowchart and also documented thoroughly.

What remains is churn handling, the process during which Vaults come to know which nodes are in their close groups and get refreshed data every time a member of the close group was lost or a new node joined the close group. A new approach is now being evaluated and will be scoped out in detail, prior to implementation in the New Year.

Previously, the list of close group peers would be passed to Vaults via an event which fired every time churn happened on the network close to them. Vaults would keep a copy of this list. On each churn event, Vaults would then need to compare the old list with the new to calculate which peer had left the close group, then start the process of relocating chunks if required.

Under the proposed new approach, the churn event sent from Routing tells the Vaults which peer has left the group, making life easier for the Vaults. This does, however, require a new API function to let Vaults find out their close group, but overall it’s anticipated that this approach will be simpler.


Last week we started to implement the code changes that were identified from the investigation into the rust-utp issues. The timeout code that was added to support concurrent reads and writes started to be refactored and we aim to have this completed by the end of this week.

Also this week we see Andrew and Peter back at the Crust coalface and Adam joining the team here as well - welcome aboard Adam! So a fully powered-up Crust team going into 2016.


Since the refactor of the Routing API has been completed sufficiently, all the client modules, namely safe_core, safe_nfs, safe_dns, and safe_launcher, have been updated to conform with the new Routing. The safe_ffi module, which the Firefox add-on uses at present, has also been updated to work with the latest version of Routing. All tests in all client modules now pass with the new Mock Routing.

The latest version of Firefox (Version 43), as a security restrict does not allow the installation of unsigned add-ons. We will be publishing the add-on to the Mozilla store, once the add-on approach has been confirmed and implemented, which will mean it has been reviewed and signed by Mozilla. In the meantime, if anyone would like to work or try the add-on, then the workaround would be to install the add-on on the nightly or developer edition of Firefox.

The Mozilla wiki for extension signing details more on the Signing procedure. In this wiki page, the fifth point in the FAQ section explains how to enable the installation of unsigned add-ons:

"What are my options if I want to install unsigned extensions in Firefox?

  • The Developer Edition and Nightly versions of Firefox will have a setting to disable signature enforcement. There will also be special unbranded versions of Release and Beta that will have this setting, so that add-on developers can work on their add-ons without having to sign every build. To disable signature checks, you will need to set the xpinstall.signatures.required preference to “false”.*
    • type about:config into the URL bar in Firefox*
    • in the Search box type xpinstall.signatures.required*
    • double-click the preference, or right-click and selected “Toggle”, to set it to false."

This week the work on defining the approach for the add-on is continuing and we hope to have this completed and be able to showcase a working proof of concept very soon.


The Vault project has undergone the initial rework to accommodate the recent changes made in Routing. The plan is to treat the Vaults in much the same way as Routing was handled, namely to step through the logical flow, updating or creating documentation as required. Any fixes will be noted and handled once this is complete.

The expectation is that the existing code will be largely unchanged; certainly it will undergo significantly less refactoring than the Routing library. Initial basic testing (using Client tests from the Core library) shows that Vaults are in reasonably good order. The self_authentication example runs correctly against a small local network of updated Vaults.

We still have to finalise the preferred method of handling churn. This affects Routing and Vaults and we’re midway through that process now.

##MaidSafe website / development roadmap

As per last week’s update the site was at tweaking stage and Krishna has been making some last minute changes and additions. As many of you will have noticed, the new site went live today!

Meanwhile, Scott has been turning his attention to a new and improved roadmap, which is being implemented to provide all stakeholders with greater information about the current development status, as well as what features are in the pipeline and the potential order in which they will be tackled. This roadmap will take a form similar to a Gantt chart and will show each dependency and the workflow between each feature and sub-feature being developed. This should show the relationship between features and give a clue to the work that needs to be done before each feature can be completed.


We plan to share documentation as it is completed; so far published on MaidSafe Developer Hub is the documentation for SAFE Launcher using mock Routing (the API docs are still currently in progress so those are currently hidden). This will give you a feel for the direction we are taking and allow for community feedback via the Suggest edits function or here in the forum. The plan is to grow this hub incrementally rather than go for the big bang approach, so as new features are completed, corresponding documentation shall be released alongside it.

So, it has been a very interesting year to say the least, a complete rewrite of the network and significant changes within the development team was not on the cards at the start of the year, but we will be starting 2016 in a much stronger place as a result. Our priorities entering the New Year will be to produce the Rust 5 deliverables, publish the first iteration of the Launcher API, as well as add a much more detailed roadmap to the new website so that everyone knows where we are, where we are going and how we plan on getting there. There is everything to be positive about for 2016 and we look forward to continuing this amazing journey with you all!

[Link to the Team Update] (


Great stuff, and have a great Christmas break (those who are going to have one ;-)).

PS. Just saying…


You can still install unsigned addons in Firefox 43. Just set xpinstall.signatures.required to false in about:config.

This option will be removed in v44 and developer/nightlies will be necessary to use unsigned addons (TreeTab, I’m looking at you).

Thanks for the update and enjoy the holidays :slight_smile:


I really am glad that things broke how and when they did. The teams just feels much more solid now. I remember reading stuff like “the crust guys are doing X while the routing guys are doing Y”. Now everyone seems to be working closely with each other like a harmonic symphony. It’s beautiful. This is turning out to be THE most well rounded program development team I have ever had the pleasure of watching. Good job people. You guys really are redefining the standard.:sunglasses:


Thanks for the updates! I’ll definitely check out the dev documentation and I wish I had the time to learn Rust a bit more :slight_smile:

Happy holidays to the Maidsafe team!


Happy holidays Maidsafe team & thanks for all your hard work, really appreciate what you guys do. I got to admit this is the first time that I follow the development of a project so close (that while I’m a non dev @ the moment).

I really LOVE the new Maidsafe website, I can’t wait till i see
safe:// infront of it, but that something for 2016

Everybody on this forum love you all & :stuck_out_tongue:


OHHHHH YEEAAAHHH! SLAP INTO A SLIM JIMMMM!! Happy holidays friend.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The new website makes me want to print it out and share it with the world.


Many thanks for the updates

Glad to see you stepping forward again after your recent BUG Dance :smile: It can be painful and rewarding experience the BUG Dance.

Have some VERY Relaxing holidays, it has certainly been well earned.

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Well done guys, truly amazing work! Have a well earned rest and perhaps a shandy or two. Look forward to reading dev updates in the new year. Cheers all

I know what I’m getting the team this Christmas. Flamethrowers, bug lamps, and swatters. :wink: The idea of nearly immaculate code is frankly titillating. Rust has truly struck a near perfect balance. This text cannot adequately convey the depth of my excitement! SAFE is just beginning…:joy: I’m eager to witness the next 5 years. I really believe it will be amazing!:smiley:

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Err we’re Scottish - Apparently we dont do dancing anymore, not even bug dancing.

By the way - as far as anyone can actually tell, this is not a spoof and their site has not been hacked. This is for real.

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I’m really glad to hear that Maidsafe is having a holiday. Thanks so much for all your hard work this year. Next year could be even harder so be ready.

Happy Holidays from my family to yours. It has been a roller coaster of a ride this year that feels strangely like I am exactly where I was last year (I guess that is the definition of a roller coaster), but I wouldn’t change a thing…if that makes any damn sense?

I love the new site. It was a great way to finish off the year and will be greatly needed for kicking off a year that is sure to be dramatic to say the least.

The documentation makes me as happy as new code does. The little that is on already looks splendid. It seems there is enough (documentation and api’s) for me to step up SAFE development on my end and I foresee many all nighters in my near future, so if there is any rust coders out there in the world that want to make quick money or partner up with me or both…PM me. I am just about done with several websites and project plans that will hopefully surprise the community…a little :wink:

High speed, Low Drag…that is my motto for the new year.


Ok, I was underwhelmed myself. Same old standard Wordpress theme everyone else use. All bells and whistles, colour and design, but no real data, no in depth info. Not impressive at all to if you ask me. A regular thin vapourware site is what it looks like I am afraid.

And perfect for newbies that want to understand in 5 minutes what is maidsafe, safecoin, etc. A beautiful and responsive website it’s important. And Maidsafe team tell us 2 weekd ago that this new website is just a start and they will add content with next updates.


I spotted a small typo in the FAQs of the new website: “how owns the SAFE network” should probably read “who owns the SAFE network”

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Have a Merry Christmas! Keep safe :smiley: