MaidSafe Dev Update :safe: 19 October 2015

that would be so awesome!!! :open_mouth:


No but it is not a lot of work. There is a safe_drive repo that is empty just now, but it can and does use rust FUSE so can easily mount a SAFE drive on linux/osc and with CBFS community edition out then windows becomes simpler.

The focus now is network and mobile devices (where FUSE will not work), but drive repo will get some tlc soon enough, possibly after network is feature complete (I pray for next sprint to be feature complete). Lots and lots of very fast work, we are pushing devs hard so we will see.


so next sprint is not release? :joy:

Nothin is release, we will keep pushing out features till complete. Next sprint should (I really hope) be feature complete, but not every feature anyone can think of :wink: Then after test and stabilisation test-safecoin will die or xfer to safecoin (we will see?) and maidsafecoin will xfr to safecoin.

During that time we will have apps/more features etc. as well as security and tech debt sprints. So this is a rolling rollout if you like. Anyone can jump on whenever they wish, we will pretty fast I think and farm and create apps like demons. You should too :smiley:

[EDIT feature complete to me means enough for anyone to create apps on a live network with rewards in place etc. to allow testing]


nice to hear that, we are close to get safenetwork, right

and will the test be in public?


No promises from me, I made a lot of near promises about launch last year with c++ then got a shock and felt terrible, so worked hard to simplify the logic then the actual code. So all I can say is we as a team are in a great place and much more comfortable with progress so far, the devs have put in a mammoth effort under huge pressure.

The sprints work and the network is rolling out well. When we can all use to from our homes and devs can code against it then we will see the real opportunities.

so no promises except that we are trying our level best and with as much openness as possible. We can do no more I feel, but it means folks need to be aware of jira/dev updates etc. I expect that to change soon though.


Does this mean Rust-6?
And does feature complete mean permanent data & SafeCoin?
Anyone who knows can answer


Not quite, this will get to testing all features, which may become permanent etc. :wink:


In what scenario would it not become permanent? Or, how would the test network be rebooted/rebootstrapped if necessary?

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Just bugs or any missing components such as upgrade paths etc. We wont intend for this but we need to not promise anything more.


Will there be an “Appstore” which is provided and tested by Maidsafe? Like the launcher checking the Appstore on a specific location like safe:maidsafe/appstore ?? We need a way to make sure we all use tested code without malware etc. Although we might see people posting Apps online on the regular internet as well, saying, just load in your launcher.

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Not planned but discussed many times, the key for us would be censor proof and that is hard as we could be in trouble for “promoting” apps by not censoring them. So we would want to say, this app is not dangerous, but not any more than that. I mean dangerous in terms of virus etc. So the problem should get solved in some community way where we can help but not censor or similar perhaps.

We do need to give that some thought after we are launched.


Yeah! Don’t worry about it! Me and @dallyshalla will just make the app store! :smiley: :smiley:


Feel free to post some screenshots once you have some stuff ready. Can’t wait :wink:


I love screenshots of terminals!